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Hi guys,


I came across the bulletproof concept only yesterday when watching some YouTube clips about maximal training, paleo diets, no such thing as cardio etc...

I'm convinced by the science / principals of the methodology and want to ease myself into it.

Here's a very brief overview of my current situation, diet and training:


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 77kg - currently maintaining / steady

body fat: 16% (and falling) measured by InBody720 machine



I overhauled this about 6 weeks ago and have dropped 3kg during that time. The major change is I was eating at least 2 bananas a day plus drinking around 1L of Tropicana 'real fruit' juice a day. I now eat no fruit, only drink water with the occasional black coffee / tea. I began following the FighterDiet principals developed by Pauline Nordin and to be fair to her they really have worked - I look better and feel a lot more energised. Nevertheless, it's a high carb, high grain, lean protein and low fat diet system primarily.


Daily intake = 2,600 cals; Carb - 54%; Protein - 37%; Fat - 8%


Breakfast: around 7:30am

Total Cals: 422; Oat Bran - 300; Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard) 122.


My thinking - eliminate oat bran and maybe even whey. Replace with 3 whole egg omelette cooked in coconut oil. Add some bacon / other fatty meat. Keep at same time.


Mid Morning: around 11am

Total Cals: 245; 118 cals - protein source (usually 0%fat Greek Yoghurt or smoked wild Alaskan salmon); 117 - fats (cacao nibs or fat free cottage cheese). sometimes I have 2 whole boiled eggs and 4 egg whites as my entire snack.


My thinking - lose this snack as breakfast will be higher calorie and richer in fat sources as will lunch.


lunch: around 1:30pm

Total Cals: 443; Carbs - 279 (from a mixture of carrots, green peas and sweet-corn - all bought frozen for convenience; plus some asparagus and broccoli); 165 - lean meat (white fish, chicken breast or gammon)


My thinking - lose sweet-corn from diet completely. keep carrots, green peas asparagus and broccoli. reduce carb proportion and increase meat and fat proportion. Have smoked or regular salmon (wild not farmed). Have slightly later at say around 2/3pm when hungry.


pre-workout: half hour before (usually around 5pm)

Total Cals: 154; whey - 77; whole pasteurised milk 77


My thinking - lose this meal.


post-workout: immediately as exercise stops (before I begin my restorative yoga session) (usually around 6:30pm)

Total Cals: 342; wholegrain rice cakes - 150; Vitargo (pure complex carb) - 70 with water; whey - 122 with water.


My thinking - keep this meal as is.


dinner: around 9:30pm

Total Cals: 923 cals; peas/sprouts/green beans/carrots - 215; sweet potato/butternut squash/organic new potato - 404; lean meat - 214 (usually lean ground beef/chicken/white fish/scallops/salmon); fats - 90 (usually extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil)


My thinking - reduce carb proportion and increase fats.


pre-bed: around 10:30pm

Total cals74 - Whey (Casein Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard) with water

Sometimes have a hot chocolate in addition. Made with whole pasteurised milk and 100% cacao chock blocks.


My thinking - Keep as is. Raw milk not available. Swap pasteurised to non homogenized pasteurised whole milk.


Quick questions:

What do you guys think about my suggested changes?

What else is good for breakfast - I will work towards the bulletproof coffee mix in a few months?

Which oils do you cook with as opposed to mix in and eat (and not cook with - MCT?)

Thoughts / research on Vitargo?

On my rest days (see below) should I introduce intermittent fasting? ie - miss lunch andpre/post workout meals, and just have breakfast, dinner and pre-bed?


My gym training: ( My strength is increasing by each session so I'm pleased with that) aim - lean and muscular but increase in bulk.

4x per week.

- 3 sessions are heavy weight training. compound lifts (deadlift, front & Back squats, snatch, shoulder press, bent over row, power cleans). currently building towards my max output. Aim is to only perform 1 set of 5 reps on each, but taking time to master skill element so it's not an issue when eventually lifting heavy. Always follow these with max body weight exercises to failure (pull ups, dips, weighted press ups etc). Finish off with 9 x 1 min max intensity skipping with 30 secs rest between.


- 1 session is a 'bonus' max intensity heavy weights. dumbbell snatch, dumbbell swings, ab roll outs etc. skipping as before.

Always finish off with yoga, steam room and ten shower :)


Other training:

also have Field hockey training 1x per week (non gym day), plus 1x game per week (non gym day).

On my non gym days I also go for a 1hr walk, listen to audio books.


Well done if you've made it through my entire post - I'm so sorry it was so long. Just thought more information will help you get a whole picture.


Feel free to advise/ rip apart.




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    Ok mate, I'll try to make this quick for you but I've got a bad habit of getting verbose, so let's see what happens haha



    Have a bulletproof coffee. Don't ease it into your plan. Make it your plan. If there is ONE change you make in your dietary lifestyle, it's having a BP coffee every goddamn morning. You're going to suddenly not need snacks. You're going to suddenly start feeling incredible. The intermittent fasting you hear every second dietary "expert" talk about works best with dietary fats, which NONE of them talk about. More detail on this later, search the forums for "autophagy." The thing I want you to keep in mind is this: It pisses me off when I read coffee blogs commenting on how shit BP coffee is when they don't even follow the recipe. You'll read "my friend is a nutritionist, so I asked them what MCT oil is. They said it's just coconut oil. Also, I could find kerrygold butter, so I used the butter I had in the fridge. I made the coffee with this butter and coconut oil and the regular coffee I had at home and it tasted like shit. THEREFORE Bulletproof Coffee is no good." They didn't give the recipe a fair shot, so the criticism is not fair. In all honesty, get the upgraded beans, get the right butter, get MCT oil and just do it properly from the start. I remember when I first started - I ran out of my first batch of Upgraded Coffee and my partner got me some "organic blend" coffee because she thought it was the next best thing, while I was waiting for the order to ship to Aus. I had no idea then, so I used it. Man, I felt the difference after the first cup. I remember the feeling of "why do I have a cracking headache?!?!" while I was driving to work and then being shitty all day after it. Mycotoxins are for real, son. 

    Side note: your whey is of poor quality, not a gold standard! haha for more details, hit the forums. Upgraded Whey, or something from NZ or Australia (for a cheaper price point).



    This is easy. I'll get back to this after "Dinner." You'll understand why when we get there.


    Pre/Post workout:

    Depends on workout. Talk to Jason Miller. Search the athletic performance section. I suspect you're doing too much, but again, check with "the man" haha



    Too much carbs, not enough fats. 

    What you want is a nice fatty grass-fed steak, son. Cook it one step more rare than you normally do. If you have it well-done, make it medium well. If you have it med-rare, have it rare. The more rare the better, but let's make it easy for you to swallow and get it down incrementally.

    Buy Upgraded Chef and start making some of the meals out of it. Check the recipe forums, search for "boom" and they're all of my recipes ;) (Shameless plug!)

    Whatever you make for dinner, coat it in MCT oil or butter. Butter on steaks is delicious. 

    Re: cooking fats. Ghee. Buy ghee, use it. Cook on lower temps. Ghee makes steaks taste great too! Also, for taste, season your steaks in pink salt!



    Whatever you make for dinner, make extra. Pack it off in a BPA-free container (glass is preferable). Stick it in the fridge. Take it out in the morning and put it on your desk when you get to work. Let it get to room temperature and then eat it at 2pm. it can help if you make a salad out of it. For example, if you make steak & veggies for dinner, cut up the steak & veggies, put it on a basic salad, cut up an avocado, coat it in MCT/olive oil + apple cider vinegar + salt. 


    Well done for getting through my entire post! ;)

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • Thanks guys - really appreciate the input :)


    I've posted a question in the diet forum about coconut oil (trying to keep the questions in the right place)


    I'm going to look into this whey protein situation and see what my options are here in the UK.

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    if there is anything i could say to someone starting out, TAKE L-GLUTAMINE!!!!!!

    if the powder is too much$ or if you want to do it naturally - EAT A LOT OF CABBAGE

          ****also, if you have a student email - i.e. email ending in .edu you can get amazon prime for free - which is free 2 day shipping


    This has really been helping me, along with taking vitamin c like crazy.. because of the butter healing my gut & autophagy, I then had no energy and felt like shit all day until I figured out that L-glutamine repairs your stomach and vitamin c lowers inflammation. But, remember to take digestive supplements with your coffee or all that fat will probably not digest w/ your previous diet.....


    I would take Digest Gold :

    Along with betaine hcl, to Really make sure that fat digests.......

    I'm really not sure how long to do this so I guess you should play it by ear and try to ween off when your stomach gets used to the fat.


    Here is a link to dave's plan for intermittent fasting(very helpful planning-wise even if your not going to be fasting for 5 days....)

    And this is a link on how to fix your gut/protocols to fixing your digestion before starting this diet. 

    & this I think eeveryone should read....

    he also has his own website that he updated after this post if you would like to delve deeper into fixing your digestion/health or just simply get the updated version ....:


    ALSO. starting out w/ glutathione really freakin helps.


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