Bulletproof Diet - Grass-Fed Butter And Meat In Australia

Hi guys,

Just thought i'd share some info that i've been chasing from the major supermarket chains in Australia about bulletproof compliance. I'll give a quick summary, if anyone is interested i can post the responses verbatim.
  • Coles:
    • Beef: generally grain finished for 60 days
    • Butter: chasing a response
  • Woolworths:
    • Beef: In general a mix of grain and grass fed/finished
      • Market value and organic ranges will be mostly grass fed but they cant 100% guarantee
    • Butter:
      • Select brand: predominately grass fed but supplemented with hay silage and grain (is this BP compliant??)
      • Westgold brand (only available in some stores). Advertising says grass fed but i'm chasing them for confirmation

  • Other options (Sydney area):
    • Haverick meats. Have beef that is labelled as pastured/grass fed and i have confirmed with them to make sure that its grass finished as well. Best, cheap grass fed meat in town - i just bought 2 whole scotch fillets from there ($16.95/kg - damn!).
    • GRUB (Grass Roots Urban Butchery). Have confirmed verbally with the butchers there that all of their meat is grass finished. The mince there is pretty cheap (and so are the lambs hearts image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> )
    • Most farmers markets (eveleigh, sydney markets) have grass fed meat but its generally pretty $$$-ey

Maybe some of you bulletproof aussies can help me to fill in the gaps. I haven't asked ALDI for example. What i found interesting was that the "organic" lines of meats at the mini-majors still seem to be grain finished...

I'll update this as i get more info

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  • Damn! You know I've been doing the same kind of research in Melbourne and have had the littlest of luck. I don't have much faith in Aldi and so far the ony sure things have been farmers markets. Tricky because they are in different places every weekend and have different products each time! I'd love to see some of the replies you got from Coles etc? Keep us all posted!
  • Here is Coles response about meat:

    Dear Leon,

    I do apologise for the delay in responding to your email.

    I have gotten a response from our merchandising team, I have copied it below.

    "...some but not all of our beef are grass fed finished as the standard Coles beast is a 14 month old animal that is finished off on grain for the last 60 days of its life this is for uniformity in flavour; however this is not always possible and so we have some beasts that are totally pasture fed but we do not call this out as we do not differentiate between the 2. We are however working on the prospect going forward of having a totally grass fed category of beef and when we release this there will be prior notice and it will be a call out on the packaging."

    I hope this answers your question and if you have any other questions or queries please feel free to call us on 1800 455 400 or respond to this email.

    Yours sincerely,

    Customer Care - Coles Online

    [email="[email protected]%[email protected]"][email protected]<mailto:[email protected][/email]>

    Telephone 1800 455 400 | Facsimile 61 3 9829 5136

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  • I use Westgold NZ butter in my BPC. I have seen it in most of my local Woolies. I have read that most NZ sourced dairy products is grass fed because it is not economical for them to feed their cows anything else. I am going to start getting NZ WPC soon once my Aussie stuff runs out.

    Some meat at ALDI actually says on the packaging that their meat is grass fed. Highland Park is the brand name and they recently won some awards as best beef in QLD.

    Also recently went to Costco in Sydney and was sad to see that their meat is grain finished. They advertise it like it is a good thing. "Sigh"
  • And here is the response on Woolworths select butter:

    Dear Leon.

    Thank you for contacting Woolworths regarding the Woolworths Select Butter.

    The Select Butter is from cows that are Predominantly grass fed, however, diet is supplemented with Hay Silage & Grain.

    We hope that this information has been helpful and thank you for shopping at Woolworths.

    Kind regards,

    Supermarket Specialist Team

    Woolworths Contact Centre

    PO Box 8000, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

    t 1300 767 969

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  • A response from the fresh food people (got it last night)

    Dear Leon,

    This is the answer we received from our business team.

    Hope this helps.

    Woolworths everyday beef offer is a mixture of both grain and pasture finished cattle ….. Unfortunately we cannot label and separate the two production systems.

    Our market value range would almost be 100 % grass …. but difficult to guarantee.

    Again ……….. organic would mostly be 100 % grass …… but difficult to guarantee.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Service Manager

    Woolworths Limited

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  • AUSSIES!!! Yay. I thought I was alone. phew. I usually buy macro organic beef and lamb from woolworths. And free range chicken too from macro organic. The ONLY non grain fed eggs Ive been able to find are from woolworths and they are called "McLeans run" in a brown coloured box. All the others that say organic free range almost always say in small type "our hens roam freely and are free to forage the organic GRAINS we provide" baaaad. Oh well. I dont think 'farm pride' is free range either.

    Also, kangaroo is awesome. Very cheap, and always free range. One kilo is 8$ and can buy from Woolworths or coles. From a brand called macro meats.

    Butter I get is also macro organic from safeway.

  • FYI got a response from Haverick meats assuring me that all their pastured beef was fed with only grass image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Upgraded products for Aussies AND NOW NZ!!
  • Hi Leon

    I'm from Brisbane. Thanks for the heads up on Westgold butter. We're currently using that as well as another NZ product which we buy through our organic produce store. It's called 'Organic Times', and it's the only butter I've found which actually states on their packaging that it is 'Grass-fed'. Being organic, there are no hormones, etc used in raising their beasts. It also comes in 'lightly salted' and 'unsalted' (for BPC).

    We also have a large chain meat supplier who sells grass-fed beef. Luckily for us, as members we look out for specials and often get our grass-fed beef for up to 40% off normal grass-fed prices.

    I'll be interested though what comes back with your further enquiries.

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    Hi, I'm in Melbourne. Great post, thanks.

    The Organic Times butter is sold in health food stores here as well. I get grass-fed beef from farmers markets. Kitty, thanks for the heads up on the eggs.

    Btw, you can tell grass-fed beef, most of the time by the color (and the taste). I don't think I'd seen any grass-fed beef in supermarkets image/icon_e_sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-(' />.
  • Hi, I'm in Queensland and get my grassfed beef in bulk through http://www.mitchellgrassmeats.com.au. They seem to deliver around once a month or so, depending on how the animals are going and how the grass is growing.

    Does anyone know of a stockist of the upgraded coffee in Australia?
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    Does anyone know of a stockist of the upgraded coffee in Australia?

    In an older post Dave recommend's trying:


    have been buying online from there since I started using BPC. They are in Melbourne. It tastes fine for me and no jitters etc. If anyone has another source online in Australia I would like to try them too.
  • Thanks for that link, I will try them next. I have been buying my coffee from http://www.fivesenses.com.au which I like, but am interested in try others too.
  • Interesting. Westgold butter was not available at my local Woolworths (which is huge!).
  • haha. Not to interesting was it.

    I also see Campos has some single origin, washed coffee beans for sale online - http://camposcoffee.com/store/category/single-origin.aspx
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