Pack + Organize Supplements Efficiently For Frequent Travel?

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Advice for a frequent traveler who takes a lot of supplements.


The length of my trips vary greatly, but on average I will be away from home for 5-10 days periods, taking a flight to a new city each morning.  


I'm mainly looking to optimize the way I pack and organize supplements for week long trips (shorter trips are easier because I don't have the same volume of pills).


Currently my process works like this: I have 3 main containers. 1 for morning pills, 1 for evening pills, and 1 for stuff I take throughout the day. I also have a few smaller container for individual supplements like Activated Charcoal and other things I take only "as needed".


My process involves about 20-30 minutes of counting out and organizing supplements before every trip. 


Is there a way to optimize or streamline this? Is there a better way altogether?


Other problems I'm trying to avoid: my process can get confusing because a lot of supplements are nearly identical in size and color (white capsules). Some "morning pills" I take on an empty stomach and others I don't take until after I've had some fat. Some "evening pills" I don't take every night. If I forget a morning or evening, then the quantity gets off and makes it a bit more confusing etc etc


I've tried the Weekly Pill Box organizers, but they are not big enough to hold all the pills I need for each day. I've tried bringing a different bottle for each kind of supplement but it takes even longer and creates additional organization problems that seem worse than what I'm dealing with now.


Any advice, tips, hacks, etc appreciated.



  • why not try a pill box targeted at weight lifters, there are pill boxes out there bigger than the ones that barely fit 1 omega 3 cap.

  • I currently have the same issue. I don't travel as often as it sounds like you do but I much prefer to spend 10-20 minutes on sunday "prepping" my pills for the week. I currently use an over size weekly organizer for morning pills, a separate one for evening pills and then I carry a small altoid container for stuff I need on the go (thankfully those pills are easy to tell apart).


    I will be checking this thread for new ideas!

  • I've been looking for something similar and have found this:


    It has labels, isn't hard plastic - makes a lot of sense honestly - but I haven't heard from anyone who's used it first hand.


    Really hoping to get a fix for this! When I'm not backpacking around on breaks I'm generally at University running between classes and labs all day, and those plastic pill boxes suck.

  • Thanks Codon, that definitely seems like it would work better than my system. Would be curious to talk to someone who's used it too.



  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    I hate that I've become to anal with taking supplements with me all the time when I travel. I have now decided to just go old school and take bare minimum with me. There is no problem going without supplements for a while, you save up and make the body less dependant on them. 


    A good method is to buy small zip baggies and put a day's worth of pills and maybe just label it with a marker pen. Consume and throw away.


    Another tip is you can load up on vitamin D because your body stores it and you don't need to take the bottle with you. Dave mentioned it on one of his podcasts.

  • I would strongly recommend looking at one of the Thorne Research multivitamins. In particular, I use the Basic Detox Nutrients:


    Doesn't cover everything, but has enough of most things to dramatically cut down on the number of different pill bottles you need to bring around.

  • another easy way to store stuff is get a small pill bottle (or a large one if you need it), put all of your pills for one day in the bottom, then a wad of tissue or something similar, then your next day's pills, etc. or you could do your AM, then midday, then PM. 


    another thing, if you don't have very many, or want to throw some ibuprofen in your survival pack or whatever, put the pills in a straw and seal off the ends. 

  • I literally remember how every capsule and pill looks so I just throw them all into one pill bottle. 

  • I use 5 of these pill boxes.




    2 for morning sups and 3 for evening sups. When I go away I just fill them up and take all 5 with me.


    These are pretty handy too, use them for my cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder for my BPC at the moment.




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  • I travel extensively on business nearly every week.


    The best solution I found are the GoStak jars manufactured by Blender Bottle.  I bought a set of 40cc and 60cc jars in three different lid colors that all snap together to build one big stack of small jars.  I use the color coding to represent morning, afternoon, and night.  Once I came up with the system, packing supplements is super easy and parsing out supplements by timing is just as easy at the hotel.  I just un-snap the jar I need and go.


    I could never go back to baggies or the cobbled together day of the week pill boxes I used before.

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