How Long Are You "detoxing" After Starting The Bp Diet?

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My understanding is that once you start the bulletproof diet your body will release excess toxins stored in fat cells. I was wondering how long it takes the body to completely detox after starting the bulletproof diet?


I'm in about week 5 of the BP diet and while most things are going very well, my skin is looking excellent but I've had 2 big pimples (1 this week and a few weeks ago). I figured this was the body trying to detox. Should I be taking glutathione and activated charcoal during this time to aid the body in this process? If so, how long should I take it for?


I'm 172cm (5ft 8in), started the BP diet at about 71kg (157lbs) and I'm now 67kg (148lbs). I didn't intend to lose weight but I'm not worried about it. I'm male and 27yrs old. If you need anymore information just let me know.


  • Here is a post about removing the toxins that limit you. It really depends on how toxic your body was before hand, charcoal will help a lot.



    Supplements that help detox

    There are some supplements that can be extremely effective at removing toxins.


    This is a naturally occurring compound that your body makes in small amounts.  In supplement form, it aids in the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, excess estrogen, and metabolic byproducts.  It also helps lower LDL cholesterol.

    Spirulina & Chlorella

    These are two kinds of blue-green algae that are extremely effective at binding and removing toxins from your body.  They work well for detoxing from heavy metal exposure which is often a problem if you eat a lot of seafood.  I take a handful of chlorella tablets every time I eat tuna or other high mercury fish.

    Activated Charcoal

    This works well if you’ve eaten something you probably shouldn’t have.  It also helps with the removal of toxins that would otherwise keep circulating throughout your body.  If you know you’ve been exposed to a large number of toxins and want a quick fix, I highly recommend taking activated charcoal.

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