Least Stressful Diet For My Addled Body?

Hello all!


After receiving back a few of my saliva/blood panel results (they're posted here for your perusal) a couple weeks ago I've been focussing hard on understanding what exactly they even mean (subclinical hypothyroidism, Hashi's, adrenal dysregulation, leaky gut, general circadian rhythm ridiculousness) and the way I should approach treatment. Thanks to a load of awesome people here, I've come up with a good understanding of what I need to do to support my adrenals and thyroid in terms of herbs and supplements, but I have yet to come up with a diet that will also do its part. 


So, I'm looking to try and find the least stressful diet possible so my body can both get ample nutrients it needs to heal while needing to expend the least amount of energy to process them.


TL;DR: My adrenals and thyroid suck - what shall I feed them to help them learn to behave?  


Some assumptions about how to do this:

  1. Going into ketosis is bad for someone with adrenal issues, so I won't be doing that!
  2. Fats are tres important as usual, and should be my main source of calories.
  3. Protein is hard to process, and thus shouldn't go over ~15% of my daily caloric intake.
  4. Safe starches are indeed safe and should be eaten moreso at the end of the day.
  5. Don't let blood sugar get low, so don't fast.
  6. Gall bladder needs to fill with bile between meals, so don't snack - eat meals.
  7. Caffeine is stressful, so go decaf.
  8. Nightshades should be avoided for the time being as I do feel better without them.
  9. Lightly cook all veggies to ease digestion, and add fats to them to ensure vitamin uptake.
  10. Organic issue - eat more organic/farmers market produce to ensure I'm getting the most amount of nutrients when I eat things.
  11. Bone broth is good for the gut, so have a cup or two at almost every meal.
  12. When the gut is permeable it's easier to get food allergies, so avoid eating the same thing every day.


Some points of confusion:

  1. Polysacchirides - do I avoid them a la GAPS diet, or eat them a la BP/Paleo?
  2. Dairy - should I eat high fat or fermented dairy products, or totally avoid them to ensure I don't have Casein in my diet?


Sample Day:

Breakfast (8 am): 

1 cup Decaf Coffee (Upgraded or similar)

30 grams Butter (Kerrygold or Organic Pastures)

15 grams MCT Oil


Lunch (12pm): 

1 Cup Bone Broth

2 Egg Yolks

10 grams Butter

100 grams Dino Kale, steamed

100 grams Carrots, steamed


Afternoon Meal (4pm):

Smoothie with:

150 grams avocado

150 grams cucumber

10 grams Parsley

1 Cup Coconut Water


Dinner (7pm):

1 Cup Bone Broth

200 grams Sock Eye Salmon

200 grams Sweet potato

1 Cup Bok Choy

10 grams rendered fat


Before Bed (10pm):

30 grams Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate in Water


Total Daily Nutrient Breakdown:

Calories: 1602

Protein: 82.3 g

Carbs: 103.2 g

Fat: 99.5 g


Any opinions or input on this? 

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