Stupid Recipe Question

I apologise in advance for this question:


> I am musing 25g of Kerrigold - I'm happy with this amount for now.

> Currently using 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil - I'm happy with this for now as I'm waiting on delivery of my MCT oil (I will still use a little coconut oil too to get the benefits of the other stuff in it apart from mct)


I know it's primarily down to personal taste and trial and error, but Bulletproof coffee is expensive to be messing about with. So, as a rough guide, what quantity / weight of beans should I use for my morning serving?


I'm using a conical bur grinder, set to coarse and then filtering with a caffetierre with stainless steel filter.


  • yes... I like to try and find the answer first but no guidance in terms of amount / quantity of beans per serving

  • ^^^  I use 2 TBS as well, (for 2 cups of water)  then, I grind the beans.  Don't worry, I had to google for the same information not that long ago. 

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    It's coffee, not a magic potion, just make it like you normally make a coffee (providing you're vaguely normal) :wink:


    As for expensive. It's not really per cup if you put it up against a bought coffee (starbucks, costa etc).

    It is for cheap, toxic, mass produced, supermarket coffee you have no idea where it came from.


    waiting for the coffee snobs to tell me about how cheap their top quality brand is :wink:


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  • Get a scale if You really want to Nerd's made things a lot simpler for Me.....26G of beans...360G of water is what I use....about 2 cups

  • wow - thanks for the tips and advice guys :)

  • I personally use between 15-20g of coffe beans for every 2 cups of water, more than that and it gets too bitter for my taste, the rest is 2 tbsp of either mct or brain octane oil, and half a stick of butter.

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