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Hi im new to the bulletproof coffee process and coffee in general.... 


Im just wondering how long can a bag of the [email protected]$ coffee last me if i drink 1 cup of coffee a day? how much beans am i suppose to use per cup???


Add grass-fed butter and mct oil, about how much will it cost to make 1 cup of coffee???



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    First you need to figure out how much coffee that you want to put in the cup for your taste. There is no right answer to how much, it's totally down to your own preference. Same with butter and MCT.


    Try 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, 30g butter and 15ml MCT and adjust the different variables up and down from there.

    That should give you a rough outline of cost per cup.

  • Jason Miller hit the nail on the head. Although BP coffee can be a little pricey, you save money by not eating breakfast and lunch.

  • Worked mine out about £1.93 ($2.95) per mug and that includes cocoa butter and cocoa nibs, upgraded coffee and MCT oil.


    $3 for a meal that gives you loads of energy, lose access weight and keeps you full for 6hrs!


    Plus shouldn't this be in the coffee section!!!


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