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Hey everyone, 


I just received my first one month supply of trubrain. Figured I'd start a review thread for those interested in trying it.


Already consumed my first AM & PM packs. There is definitely a lot of pills in the loading phase packs (first 10 days). I will take a picture of the pill contents of  the AM & PM loading phase packets tomorrow. I don't notice anything drastic yet but I have been on task today and more willing to delve into tough projects that are sitting on my todo list. I feel slightly elevated for sure, tough to describe the exact response thus far. 


I'll keep you guys posted on my experience and feel free to ask any questions. For those of you unfamiliar with trubrain I'll post some pics below of ingredients etc. 












  • hzahza ✭✭

    Any idea or indications on the capsules as to which ingredients are given in the am and which in the pm?  Some, like the Piracetam, are almost definitely given both times, but others like the magnesium and choline may not be.  

  • I think choline is given at both times and magnesium just in the morning pack. I have yet to take my PM pack today but will check. 


    So far I really like the mix. I wake up, have 375ML of water with 1 tsp of Himalayan salt. Take the AM pack, make my bulletproof coffee (w/brain octane) and feel like I am pretty much ready to conquer anything. 

    Will post AM/PM pill pics later and have another update. 

  • Here are loading phase packet contents: 














    So far so good, nothing profound but I have been able to work on some creative projects extremely well. However, I've noticed a bit of irritability on occasion, I never act on that feeling but I can feel it bubbling up sometimes. Not sure if its the trubrain or just mediocre sleep I had last night ! 

  • Update !  



    So almost done the loading phase, took a day off on the weekend as I had a stag I had to attend and the state I was in didn't require trubrain haha! 


    Really like the blend though and the convenience of taking it. Not having to source each individual ingredient is priceless. This blend has a noticeable effect. I can tell a big boost when I am getting involved in tough projects. I am more willing to stay on task and ensure things are done correctly. The irritability is still somewhat present but with my effectiveness on tasks I am starting to enjoy jumping into difficult things.  I have been a little sluggish waking up... usually I get out of bed with no problems but I notice I am having some trouble jumping right out of bed at 6 AM. I am having really vivid dreams which I want to keep going back to bed so I can return to them!! I will update again once I have completed the loading phase but so far the effects are noticeable and positive overall. 

  • Another side not is that I take the AM pack right before I have my BPC and I don't eat any breakfast... not sure if this is recommended. It does say consume the AM pack before breakfast so not sure if it is intended to be taken with a meal. Anyways, I haven't experienced any problems thus far with just having BPC with the AM packs.  

  • Curious- are you taking any other nootropics along with Trubrain? like modafinil. Do you supplement any vitamins or minerals?

  • No modafinil as I can't ever get my hands on it. 


    Vitamins I take daily: 


    Zinc, Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, ALPHA brain, Gingko Biloba, Krill Oil. 


    Of course I have bulletproof coffee daily. 

  • Cool. Keep us updated.


    Btw, some people report negative interaction between Huperzine in AB and CDP choline. If you feel the effects associated with too much choline, it would probably be because of Huperzine

  • Cool. Keep us updated.


    Btw, some people report negative interaction between Huperzine in AB and CDP choline. If you feel the effects associated with too much choline, it would probably be because of Huperzine



    This is possible. Also, Alpha-Brain has its own choline source, Alpha-GPC, which is one of the 2 highest quality choline (other being CDP-Choline, in truBrain).  I'm willing to bet the irritation is from having too much choline.

  • I really enjoy the TruBrain blend thus far. Still feeling an added kick from it when I'm diving into my work day. You are probably right on the choline. The thing I find tough when trying to find out where the irritability is coming from it is often a combination of things, not stepping back and taking a breath when the feeling comes on, lack of sleep, supplement imbalance, just a bad day. No irritation so far this week so far so good. 

  • Would love an update from you.  Thanks.

  • Hey I'm about to order Trubrain - did your experience continue to be a positive one? 

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