Some Food Questions

Ok, I have been wondering where I can get some Bulletproof vanilla. When I am at the store they all look basically the same. I want to put some in my BF Coffee, but just don't want to get something that takes away from the awesome.

Also, being a Texan I need salsa to survive? Is this on the BF Diet. I know that onions aren't really that good for you, but you can make a pretty mean salsa out of tomatos and peppers.

Which leads me to things that are spicy. Again the Texas thing. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> I want a jalapeno with just about everything am I killing my self slowly by doing this or just being awesome.

Thanks in advance,



  • vanilla is a problem. due to the fermentation the stuff is prone to get moldy. if you are willing to sacrifice and add a tiny amount of alcohol to your diet, you might try the double vanilla stuff from Penzeys. or look for good dried ground vanilla - o idea on the mold there, though, find out what works for you.

    don't see why you shouldn't have salsa, as long as you don't have nightshade issues.
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