Nausea From Bp Coffee?

when I drink BP coffee I do get a boost of energy and focus but I also get a hint of nausea...any explanation as to why and if I could do anything about it?


  • You're likely either consuming too much MCT Oil for your level of tolerance or you're drinking the coffee too fast.  How much (butter/MCT/coconut) are you using and how fast are you drinking it?  Anything else you're stacking in would be helpful.

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    I drink about 16-18oz mug with a tablespoon of MCT oil and 3 tablespoons of gf butter. I takes my time drinking it to, I wouldn't say I drink it fast, by the time I finish it its room temp.
  • Scaling back to a tsp of MCT Oil would be my 1st move and see if that removes the nausea.  Adding 1 tsp of coconut oil would be my 2nd.

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    As above, I suggest starting on 1 teaspoon and increase from there.


    unless you like feeling nauseas ;-)


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  • I've been in the same boat with the nausea and cramping, and have used a couple of Standard Process supplements (Zymex 2, primarily used for parasites and gut issues & SP Cleanse as part of a cleansing protocol).  I've also been only doing 1 Tbsp of MCT up until a couple of weeks ago after having been doing it regularly since April, hoping that the nausea/cramping would be gone by now.  It's not.  Obviously there's a need to clean something out, but I'm yet to pinpoint exactly where (I'm leaning towards the gall bladder).  


    Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to address gall bladder cleansing, as I'm coming up short here and elsewhere, and I'm not too keen on doing a gall bladder flush.

  • It's nice to see I am not the only one having some bumps on the road with BP Coffee. I am not a Coffee drinker, but I thought I would give the BP diet a try (starting with the coffee). I think I went way overboard with how much I drank because I had the exact opposite effect BP coffee is supposed to have. I felt AWFUL, a bit stoned (kinda in a good way), than my brain was moving so slow, and I got very hungry before noon. That was not fun at all, and frankly there should be more stuff out there about starting slow with BP Coffee. 


    I am pretty sure I was dehydrated, and overloaded with fat my body is not accustomed to processing at such levels. 


    I will step down how much I try next time and give it another go. But it is very possible that coffee and me just don't agree. I wonder if people have had success with tea, or berry and protein smoothies with the fat. 

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    I had the same thing, dull stomach ache for hours after. It went away soon enough though.

  • I think it is important to develop a technique or discipline to just sip the coffee down over time, and not chug it like you would a normal beverage.  I think that the pulsing of the dose makes for a more effective delivery - I have a much easier time with IF when I drink the coffee slowly as well.  

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    I had my first BP coffee this morning and I got nauseous too. A first it did not bother me until i did some strength training. I also took 1 pill of digestive enzymes with the coffee...i guess not enough? I thought i drank it pretty slow but maybe not slow enough...I will prob cut back on the MCT oil to 1 teaspoon or half a tablespoon...
  • I have been drinking BP Coffee for about 2 months. About 2 weeks ago I started getting really nauseous after I drink my coffee, before this I haven't had any issues. I haven't upped the MCT or butter recently or changed any of my supplements which I take with the coffee. Any thoughts?



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    MercyMae, What do you use to brew the coffee?

    The reason i ask is because i used to use cheap coffee brewer and after several uses i start to get sick every time i drink coffee from it. Do you clean it well? Do you sometimes forget to clean the coffee grounds out of the machine, etc? Could be that mold grew in it. If this is not the case then...perhaps someone else might know...
  • I use a one cup French press and wash it each time. I'm sure there's a few grounds that I don't get but I'm hoping they aren't the culprits because I don't know how else to clean it lol
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    I have no idea why. Do you use grassfed butter and Upgraded coffee? How do you grind your coffee? Do you do it each time you brew? Do you clean it out well? I am just guessing around. Just looking to see if it got contaminated somehow or what. Do you take any enzymes to help with digesting fats?

  • I use Kerrygold and upgraded beans and MCT. I ground my coffee in a big grinder. The same one Ive been using for 3 months. I grind it at once, and store it in the fridge in the bag it came in. Ive tried to be as clean and limit everyhting at much as possible. I also havent changed a thing since I started. 


    I appreciate your help, its SUPER annoying. If it was something that I couldnt see a major difference in myself than I would just give it up but I am better with it as long as i dont get sick lol

  • MercyMae,

    Like Jason said, it shouldn't be grinded all at once and refrigerated. Your coffee beans should ve kept in cool and dry place. The fridge has too much moisture and might allow molds to grow. I hope you didn't but the big 5lb bag. How much do you have left? Maybe get a new bag and grind the coffee each time you make some but not all at once to see if there is any different?

    Just curious though, do you do the same with regular coffee prior using BP coffee? Do you get sick after awhile with it?

    Idk if you all of the sudden become deficient in enzymes or bile to digest all the fat in the coffee :S it is hard to pinpoint. Maybe skip coffee and eat just the butter and MCT and see if you still feel nauseous. Compare it to when you drink coffee. Maybe you could find out if it's because of the coffee that way before you try a new bag.
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