Lindt 90% Makes Heart Race. 85% Is Fine

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hi all-

apologies if this was already discussed elsewhere. i think it was, but i can't seem to find the post by searching....

i've been gradually increasing my chocolate consumption. usually 4 squares/day of a Lindt bar.

lately after eating Lindt 90%, my heart rate increases, and i feel generally on edge for a couple hours.

back before i switched to the 90%, i was not noticing anything like that with the 85%. i ate 4 squares of 85% just now and feel fine.

(i know that correlation doesn't necessarily = causation, but i am growing my sample size every day.....)

any thoughts on why this might be? thanks in advance for your time.


  • 2 bars!? You da man.
  • I blended an entire bar of Lindt 90% into about 2tbs of upgraded coffee. I felt like a champ for about 45 minutes, then quickly felt like crap. Doesn't dark chocolate contain quite a bit of caffeine? I plan on doing it again, but with less than a full bar.
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    yeah- i've had green and black's, and it's ok. but is $4.20/bar near me as opposed to $2.79 for the lindt 90.

    doing some more research- apparently the 90% is "cocoa powder pressed with alkali," where as the 85% makes no mention of alkali. not sure if that could explain the difference.

    i found this link about the impact of alkalization on antioxidant levels in cocoa - http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/18710243 . to what extent do we want to consider this?

    had 4 squares of lindt 85% today + 2 squares of endangered species 88%. feel great. is certainly possible i just got a bad batch of the 90. will keep experimenting.
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    I eat 2 bars a day... I have had a few more bad batches of the 90% than the 85%, something to note... below 85% soy lecithin is added as an emulsifier to most of these... the endangered species 88% contains soy if I am not mistaken... but it does taste great.
  • I've been bp fasting daily, for 18-20 hours. I work a moderately physical job and find myself run down at the end of a shift.(sometimes) I've been looking at options for mid day meal. Increasing the mct oil chug will cause adverse effects. However, today I had 4 squares of lindt 90% and man was this money. I like the idea of only eating starch, once my glycogen stores are depleted. The minute amount of sugar in the 90% seems to not be an issue. Now I can increase the mct oil chug at lunch, because my stomach is coated with the chocolate. (empty stomach and mct dont mix for me) I hate the idea of preparing meals to bring to work and heating them in the microwave, or eating cold. This seems to be a solid compromise. Anyone think this is a solid idea?
  • I could well be wrong, but racing heart could also be caused by histamine intolerance. Chocolate may be high in histamine. It might be worth checking out histamine intolerance, see if you have any other symptoms of it.
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