Need Help Adjusting Bpcoffee Recipe For Fiance`

So when I told my Fiance` I am officially down 20lbs from June 1st drinking BPcoffee and following the BPdiet... I finally got her attention!  We started her up yesterday with her BPcoffee and could use some help dialing in her proper dosage of coffee.  


She is feeling good but is having a weird/intense feeling.  Closest feeling to compare it too is anxiety.  I had anxiety my 1st day with the Brain Octane.  The 2 tbsp in the morning was fine.  An additional 2 in the afternoon though gave me a very profound anxiety feeling.  


I am a big dude ( 227lbs 6'2" ).  My norm is:


14oz of Upgraded coffee

4tbsp Kerry golds

1-2 tbsp Brain Octane ( usually 2 )

flavored with pure stevia extract and oragnic pure cinnamon


I started her ( a tiny thing, 5'7" about 115lbs ) at much less:


Day 1

10oz coffee

1tbsp Brain Octane

2tbsp butter

flavored with pure stevia extract and organic pure cinnamon


Felt the "intense/anxious" feeling for most of the day.  Did awesome for her appetite/cravings though.  No hunger at all until dinner!  She still at her lunch though.


8oz coffee

1/2 tbsp Brain Octane

2 tbsp butter

flavored with pure stevia extract and oragnic pure cinnamon


The "intense'anxious" feeling is almost all gone.  Had a bit of a tummy ache and ate a handful of organic pumpkin seeds and feels much better.  


Has anyone else had to deal with titrating the recipe up/down based on how big you are?  I dont think it's the caffeine.  She can drink ( and has ) the same amount of upgraded coffee without any negative effects.  


So I think its the Brain Octane.  Next step would be to only give her 1 tsp brain octane.  I dont think it's the butter either.  We tend to cook very savory and like our Kerry Golds and it has never bothered her before.


I really really want to get her rocking on the coffee/diet so we can do everything together!  Plus I want her to feel as good as we all do not have to be a slave to food.  She is one of the typical "carb eaters" and has to snack every 2 hours of she doesn't feel good.


Thanks in Advanced!










  • I personally tell anyone to start on 5ml (1 tsp) of MCT oil (or brain octane) and build up from there, not the other way around. I'm not surprised she add issues. You're body needs to adapt to pure fat fasting which can take 1 or 2 weeks. Start slowing and build up.


    I made myself ill a couple of times putting too much in too quickly and made someone else throw up! Now I can handle those level easily.


    Was trying to put a BPC guide up with the mods to cover stuff like this. Think it's still in the works.


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  • A starter guide would be nice.  Would definitely result in far less negative initial experiences.  Something like that should be included in every bag of upgraded coffee!  

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    Hi, I'm here today because I was hoping that my "symptoms" had something to do with my BP coffee.

    I am SLIGHTLY caffeine sensitive - but not as much as the way I feel today.

    I even ordered BP decaf earlier.


    Today I have read, here in the blog, about MCT enhancing the effect of caffeine on the brain

    which may explain my physical symptoms of anxiety


    This morning I had only 1 BP coffee @ 4 am

    [12g BP coffee "Keurig"-style & 10 oz water with 2 Tbsp Kerrygold + 2 Tbsp Upgraded MCT oil + Sweet Leaf liquid Stevia] 

    and I am still feeling physically anxious these 12 hours later


    So I'll go back to ACV (apple cider vinegar)  + stevia sparkling water until my decaf arrives later this week


    With that delivery, I will also significantly lower the amount of butter/MCT that I include in each cup

    and work up slowly to discover my new personal maximum "dose" of healthy fats.


    This "anxiety" really sucks

    but it is way better than the possibility of heart issues (there's a family history, NOT a personal history)

    that I was beginning to think were suddenly "popping" up.


    Whew! I feel like I've dodged the proverbial "bullet" . . .

    Always remember,

    YOU are LOVED!

  • Hmmm.... it could come down to the caffeine sensitivity.  Hopefully dialing back the MCT will do it.  If not, maybe have her go sans mct and just do the butter.

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