I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bulletproof site and podcasts! I've been learning so much and, up until 3 weeks ago, I was feeling better than ever while trending toward eating more bulletproof (started Paleo in January). The bulletproof coffee has made a HUGE impact on my mornings. Thanks, Dave!

3 weeks ago I got a sore throat after dinner one night, so I took my usual Vitamin A + Vitamin C trick that usually nips it in the bud. This time I progressively got worse ending up with a sinus infection for which I took a round of antibiotics. That cleared up my head, but I have not quit coughing and I’m starting to feel worse again. I have been doing the following:
  • Taking the following supplements: probiotics, as much Vitamin C as possible, raw garlic (with Activated Charcoal), Vitamin A, and Vitamin D every day. I’m also still on a good multi with lots of selenium.
  • I was taking liposomal glutathione until I ran out.
  • About a week ago I added in Astragalus, Elderberry Syrup, Zinc and Oregano Oil.
  • I use my body brush and do 15-20 minutes of oil pulling every morning to help flush toxins.
  • I do a sinus rinse every morning and evening.
  • I have been eating healthy fats, proteins, some vegetables and strictly limiting sugar of any kind.

My husband does not buy into my dietary changes and tells me I’m probably lacking some gluten. Before the past 3 weeks, I was been telling him how wonderful I feel and how great this diet is, but he’s certainly not buying into it right now. I have 2 small children and I work full-time, so getting adequate rest is not always an option. Also, I have a long history of antibiotic use. Please, does anyone have suggestions for me? I need to get healthy so that my family will learn what eating healthy really means and not think I’m crazy at every meal.


  • Hearing that you have a long history of antibiotic use makes me think you likely some issues with your gut flora.

    Look into taking some pro-biotic, you could mega dose for awhile to help get it straightened out.

    I just got out of a long stay in the hospital with really heavy dosage of anti-biotic so I'm mega-dosing pro-biotic for 3 weeks to get my digestion and gut health straightened out.
  • 'Andrea' wrote:

    My husband does not buy into my dietary changes and tells me I’m probably lacking some gluten.

    This made me laugh out loud. Gluten is not something you want in your body.

    Great to read about your experiences!
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    Hey Andrea

    You might want to cut back on the sinus irrigation. Whilst useful during an active infection, it actually cause some issues with prolonged use, such as irritation of the mucosa.

    When the mucosa become irritated they often inflame which causes stuffiness and congestion as well as increased mucous production. This often then leads to post-nasal drip which is where mucous drips down the back of your throat (normally at night time). You might find that when you wake up in the morning you can feel the mucous in the back of your throat - it's actually a very common cause of sore throats. The mucous also drains in to the chest causing a persistent cough.

    If your sinus remain inflammed then you might benefit from a nasal steroid spray for a month. I wouldn't use it any longer as it starts being counter productive (much like the sinus irrigation).

    Hope that helps.
  • Or, following your husband's advice you could always eat a load of white bread ... ha ha ha
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will NOT be following any of my husbands advice, but will cut back on the sinus irrigation and I have been megadosing probiotics since I started the antibiotics. I will continue to do so for the next several weeks. I'm just really frustrated because I feel like I'm doing everything right and I'm sicker than ever while those around me who regularly supplement with gluten remain perfectly healthy. I will continue to work on my gut issues and hope it won't get so bad next time.
  • All of a sudden I have a sore throat.

    Everyone around me has had a cold for a couple of weeks, so I've been pleased with myself to have avoided it but wham, now I'm dizzy and have a mucousy throat....aaaggghhhh this is all my husband needs to say " I told you this diet isn't healthy"

    I'm unshaken from being bulletproof.

    This time last year I'd had throat infections 3 times and labryrinthitis ( which didn't budge until I got serious with bulletproof) so I see this as my body succumbing to the pressure of a snotty 3 year old, a coughing husband and working very closely with the public. I see this as a challenge and I'm interested to see how my body copes and how quickly it fights back...fingers crossed.
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