How I Make My Coffee, Is This Ok?

and, I have a question.  I guess I'll start with the question so it doesn't get lost. I'm a bit unclear as to the purpose of the butter in the recipe. I see a lot of people using a LOT of butter, is that to support intermittent fasting, or just to get more of the nutrients in the butter? I can't do intermittent fasting right now because of some adrenal issues (I'll explain that in another thread here shortly where I'd really value some advice from this community). I wake up, drink some salt water, make my bp coffee, enjoy it while reading the news and emails and checking some message boards I participate on. Then I shower, do a moderate workout, and then have breakfast. My breakfast is usually a cup of bone broth and then a protein shake.  I eat breakfast around 7:45am and feel well-fueled all morning, usually having lunch around 1pm.


So, is it still desirable for me to try to ramp up to the levels of butter many in here are using given that this is not intended to be a meal for me, but instead, just my coffee?


Alright, now I'd like to list how I make it and see if I'm messing anything up. Dave recommends blending bp coffee but I'd like to avoid the blender, my wife is still asleep when I make it and I'd rather not disturb her. We have a Blendtec that is really loud and the master bedroom is just off the kitchen. So given that....


I take a coffee mug and put in about a tablespoon of Kerrygold unsalted butter and a couple ounces of raw milk from grassfed organically raised cows.  I put that in the microwave for about 20 seconds just to warm the milk up a bit and start the butter softening.  Then I put the contents into a BlenderBottle.


I make coffee using Dave's coffee. I grind the beans fresh and then use an Aeropress with a paper filter to make the coffee.  Once I have the coffee in the mug, I dump it into the BlenderBottle.


I then put the High Octane Brain Oil (ordered MCT but they were out and sent this instead) in the BlenderBottle, right now I'm up to 2 teaspoons. Letting my digestive tract adjust. Am very curious as to why it seems to unsettle things down there, gotta search the forums on that.


I add a shake of cinnamon powder, close the bottle and vigorously shake it for 20 seconds or so, then dump it into the mug and enjoy.


I'd appreciate the thoughts of those in here about this process. Is this ok? Am I messing anything up by using the BlenderBottle instead of blending it in the BlendTec?  I've searched to read about the impact of microwaves, really can't find anything definitive, so I use it. I don't want to get anything 'cooked' or even hot. The purpose here is if I just put the butter and milk in cold, the resulting coffee isn't quite hot enough, it cools the mix down so I do this step to get the end product to my desired temp and to ensure the butter is fully melted and dispersed.


Sorry for the length, and thanks to any who respond.


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    I'm far from expert but two things, the paper filter apparently stops the oils from the coffee which contain some of the antioxidants and with the butter Dave mentions on a few pod cast are a few places on the site the reasons why but it something along the lines of fueling your body and brain better then carbohydrates.


    I do the blend bottle thing as well when I'm at work.

  • Hmmm, on his bp coffee page, Dave says he uses a paper filter with the method he uses to prepare his coffee. At least I thought that's what he wrote.


    Ah yes, found this:


    So has that thinking changed?


    Also a note on the raw milk: I added that about a year ago. Have had some chronic fatigue/adrenal/immune issues for awhile. I'll write more about that on another topic. Started working with a really good neuro-immunologist a couple of years ago. Decided on my own to try raw whole milk. I can't drink pasteurized milk, digestive issues. But I do really well on raw milk and my immune markers have gone from "damn, you almost look like you have lymphoma" to normal and I'm feeling a lot better.  Plus, I just like the taste in my coffee, what can I say.

  • There's tonnes of threads on Bulletproof coffee and IFing. Read them all and you'll learn. Hard for us to tell you how much butter you should use with no real info and what you're trying to achieve.


    Read, read, read,......


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    There are many more knowledgable folks on the site than me, but here's what I can offer.

    First, the primary reasons for butter (or the combination of butter and MCT oil) in the coffee are two-fold. When you are sustaining a low carbohydrate diet your metabolic pathways (where your body gets it's energy from) will switch into a state of primarily burning FAT for energy. This is called ketosis. There are a number of advantages to being in ketosis. Conusming ONLY FAT in the morning will not "deactivate" this ketogenic state, but rather potentiate it, assuming you only consume fat (and not any protein or carbohydrate). Dave touts the benefits of grass fed butter and coconut/MCT oils for this morning "meal" because of their ability to provide long, sustained energy over the course of many hours, in addition to having some nice benefits as "brain food" (thanks to the healthiest saturated fats on earth) and additional fat burning nutrients (like Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and anti-inflammatory properties (via Omega-3 fats and Butyrate). Combine all this with a really clean, high quality cup of coffee (whch has it's own laundry list of anti-oxidants and cognitive stimulating properties) and you get this amazingly healthy, smack-you-in-the-ass speedball to start your day off and keep you sustained through lunchtime.

    Secondly, if you are concerned with recovery from adrenal fatigue and are following a protocol for that (Jack Kruse, Dr. Lamm, etc.) then you don't need to concern yourself with following BP Coffee "fasting", or any kind of intermittent fasting, until you feel you have recovered and feel up to it. By all means, continue to consume butter and MCT oil in the mornings, but fit it into your protocol in a way that makes sense. If drinking coffee doesn't make sense on an adrenal fatigue protocol (and I'm not sure that it would or not) then put it on hold for now.

    Lastly, I know there are some threads about this on the forums but you'll have to look for them, concerning microwaving animal fats. It seems to be agreed upon that this is typically a bad idea, for the same reasons that you want to avoid cooking meat and eggs at high temperatures. The fats and cholesterols will oxidize creating carcinogenic, inflammatory fats that you are trying to avoid. (Anyone else feel free to kick in on this point who is more knowledgable). Since discovering the BP diet I have stopped using my microwave almost entirely, although I will still use it from time to time for non-animal products (reheating steamed veggies, for example).
  • katolotus....I hear you. That said, I've been reading articles on this site and these forums for a couple of weeks now and on some topics, the more I read the more confused I get. Hence the question. I'm honestly not trying to be 'that guy' who finds the forums, hasn't done any searching or leg work and just starts throwing out questions.

   microwaving, I don't know this for a fact but I'd bet that there's a significant chemical difference between taking a substance with animal fat, like raw milk or butter, and microwaving it briefly for something like 20 seconds compared to toasting it to the point it's boiling and burnt. At least that's my hope.  I don't want to "cook" the stuff, just slightly soften the butter and get the milk so it's not cold.  I could put the stuff in a pan and warm it up, but I'm not sure how that's any different than microwaving, frankly.


    Re coffee and adrenal issues, I tried going off coffee a few years ago. Did it for 6 months. Didn't notice any change other than I missed the taste of coffee!  I'm very much enjoying my morning BP coffee so I don't think that's an issue. But at least for now I have no intention of using that coffee as my breakfast and not eating anything else for 4-6 hours after.  For me, if I don't get 20-30 grams of quality protein (and some other stuff) within a few hours of waking, the rest of the day is simply not good.  But starting my day with the BP coffee so far has been VERY positive. And damn, it tastes great.


    Just trying to get clarity on the butter, if I'm not using the BP coffee as a meal, then is the recommended usage different?  I haven't been able to glean that from my readings on this site, though perhaps I'm missing it (a sign I need more high octane brain oil!). 


    FYI, just ordered the collagen protein, cacao butter, vanilla and a 5-pound bag of the beans. Gonna do some experimenting with the morning coffee, and add the collagen protein to my morning and evening meals.

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    I drop my butter in straight from the freezer and blend into the coffee. No need to preheat it and the coffee is still piping hot.

  • Butter Benefits: CLA, butyric acid, saturated fat.


    MCT Oil: It can take some time to get used to MCT or 100% C:8.


    Microwave: Don't bother.


    Coffee Prep.: Don't use a paper filter. French Press.


    Blending: Not ideal to use a BlenderBottle but if stealth is needed it should be fine, the high energy blending help emulsify coffee (+oils) and butter/MCT (micelle formation) so it gets absorbed lymphaticly more than stomach/small intestines.


    I think the amount of fat your taking as BP Coffee is fine if your having a meal too. Might not be so excellent to have 60g of fat and a meal.

  • Anthropology..thanks for the post. 


    Re coffee prep, just not going to use a french press. I like the Aeropress much better.  I have both, along with a Bonavita drip, and I just like the results from the aeropress better, plus it's faster and much easier to clean up after.


    But re paper filters, Dave wrote that he uses a paper filter in his method. So is there really an issue with paper, or have Dave had a change of heart on that? Maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing anything Dave's written recommending a switch from paper to metal.


    Re blending, that's really interesting. If the process of blending can break the constituent ingredients down such that they have a stronger lymphatic effect, I'm ALL about that.   It's a pain to unplug the blender and take it to a different room, but perhaps it'll be worth it.


    Re the microwave, if I "don't bother", then the resulting mix isn't hot enough as the raw milk from the fridge cools everything down. But if I put everything in the BlendTec and churn it on a pretty high speed for 20 seconds, perhaps that addresses that problem. I know, for example, with the upgraded collagen Dave recommends not blending it vigorously. Is that an issue with the regular BP coffee? Can I crank the BlendTec up to a pretty high speed for 20-30 seconds?


    Thanks for the response, much appreciated. It's fun playing with this stuff. Looks like MCT oil is back in stock so I ordered some of that (along with cacao butter, vanilla powder and upgraded collagen). I'm looking forward to some BP alchemy!

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