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  • the hot water met


    If I'm understanding this, you are putting the BP coffee (coffee, butter, oil) in the ice cube trays. Correct?


    That's kinda brilliant actually and led me to imagine putting it in one of those DIY popcicle trays. Then sucking on a BP Popcicle in the Summertime!


    To solve the issue with mixing up the cold brew in the morning I'm heating the water in the microwave (I can see no harm in that) and then blending the water with the butter and oil.

    Lastly, I pour in some Cold Brew Coffee and blend it all together.

    This is working well for me, though it still comes out hotter than I would prefer. More experimenting to be done with microwave timing and amount of water till I get it perfected.


    I like the hot water method you proposed as a sidestep to the whole microwave debate.  I imagine you can time it to overheat the water so that it then hits the perfect temp when you add in the other ingredients.

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    I've been putting ~3-4 ounces of water in the blender cup and heating for 30 - 45 seconds and getting a good temperature for liquifying the butter and oil when blended.


    Lastly, I pour in ~3-4 ounces of cold brew from the fridge and blend it once more for a couple of seconds.


    Tastes great!


    My preference is for cold coffee anyway, so the perfect temp can't be achieved for me without the butter and coconut oil going back to solids. But it does come out warm rather than hot after adding the cool coffee and is easy for me to drink quickly and then get on the road in the mornings.

  • Anyone buy one of these kickstarters?

  • What about paper filters removing key antioxidants?  I forget which, exactly.

  • Hmmm.. cold brew concentrate ice cubes.... to use in super hot BP coffee.

    *ponders the caffeine high from this...*

  • I recently started brewing my BPC with Cold Brew Coffee. Love it!


    The Cold Brew Coffee recipe I've found online recommends chilling one's CBC for 2 hours. What I've been doing in the morning is doing ~1/2 and 1/2 CBC with Hot Water, with Butter and MCT.  

    However, I'm finding that, since I need to chill the CBC... the chill of the CBC, plus the cold of the butter, is largely neutralizing the heat from the hot water. I don't really want to be adding more MORE water, which would dilute the CBC. And I don't do hot brew coffee, as it makes my entire nervous system feel rather shitty & painful. 


    Do people store their CBC in the fridge? If so, do you take it out before making coffee with it? Can CBC be put into the microwave, to heat it up before using it in BPC?


    I would LOVE hotter BPC :D

  • My husband and I also love our Toddy!!!  The coffee is SO much better (smoother, fuller, no bitterness, less acidic) than hot brewed coffee.  And, BONUS, it's FAR less time consuming to make coffee each morning using the concentrate that stays fresh in your fridge for up to two weeks (we put ours in a dark brown glass bottle with a tight fitting cap). 


    For hot coffee, we just heat up @12oz  filtered water in an electric kettle and combine with 2 tbsp of coffee concentrate.  Super fast, super easy for a busy morning.   


    For iced coffee, we pop *3 Tbsp Coffee concentrate, *1 Tbsp Brain Octane oil (or very good Coconut Oil), *16 oz of Unsweetened Almond Milk, *Stevia to taste in the blender and whiz that up for a few seconds, then server over ice.   

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