Eating Out

Any good recommendations for eating out bullet proof. Any place with wild-caught salmon is probably good, but what restaurants do you all find bulletproof food at?

I looked into Fuddruckers, and their wild boar burgers seem like a good option, sans bun of course.


  • Have you ever searched for places that are organic restaurants? I cant help exactly cause im down under, but Ive found some organic food restaurants and have things like grass fed beef burgers without the bun and eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms. Thats always good.

  • in a major city it's fairly easy. many organic/grass-fed restaurants. and in NYC at least, lots of grass-fed burger joints.

    and certain conventional things (eggs, avocados, very lean grain-fed beef) are not the end of the world if eaten on occasion.

    in a smaller town it's probably difficult. but even in the upstate NY suburb where my parents live, grass-fed beef and organic veggies have been starting to show up.
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