Acupuncture/acupressure To Reset Body Clock

There are a series of 12 acupuncture points that correspond to 2 hour chunks of the day. I have used these with patients to help them quickly readjust to local time and to prepare for the new time zone.

To readjust to local time you simply use the current horary point.

To prepare for a long flight, you want to treat the horary point in the time zone of your arrival and also use acupressure during your flight to help the process along. I have a patient who travels to china once or twice a year and swears by this protocol. If you are planning a future trip, you may want to ask your acupuncturist about this.


  • this sounds interesting, has anyone tried this? is there a public protocol to read up on this?
  • I couldn't find one on the web. Maybe I'll write an article and post it.
  • is this simple/effective to the point it'd surpass the efficacy/safety/cheapness of simply taking some melatonin with you?
  • Like melatonin and rising at sunrise, resetting the body clock with acupuncture helps the body adjust.

    I have used acupuncture occasionally to help travelers prepare for major time shifts as well as recover from them. It works.

    I also have some patients report negative effects from melatonin, so some folks look for alternatives.

    I did end up writing an article about an acupressure technique. I'll send it to you if you are curious.
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