Intermittent Fasting Vs Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?

Hi! I'm new to the forum but have been stalking the Bulletproof site for a while. I have a substantial amount of weight to lose but am debating between which protocol to follow. I feel that I need the immediacy to keep going which is why the RFL looks so tempting...but is it reasonable in real life? Would love others input especially those that have done it. I am an OR Nurse with 2 young kiddos to keep up with if that helps. Thank you so much in advance!!



  • If you havent already swapped to bulletproof food only, then id do that for a couple weeks and see how you feel and if you like it. Try not to have non bulletproof things too often, ie stay in the green zone. I imagine that may not be really super easy if you are a nurse, cause you guys have busy and demanding jobs, but if you are organised and have stuff with you in advance then it should be okay.

    If youve already gone mostly bulletproof, then try the intermittent fasting for a bit. Its not too bad and Dave generally recommends that over the RFL because its safer. Most people get pretty good results on that too.

    If you dont want that, then try the RFL. It can be pretty difficult for the first few days, but you get the hang of it after. If you are going to do the RFL, then the organic grass fed butter is a MUST. It provides you with so many micronutrients. But only organic grassfed butter, not the normal stuff . Thats awful.

    If you are a female, keep in mind something very interesting about women and fasting. There is a site called paleo for women and the author is a woman who has done a fair bit of research about women specifically and paleo diets. This I have found fascinating being a girl myself. For some reason, we react differently to fasting than men. We get hormonal responses that increase activity, hyper alertness, restlessness etc. Elevated stress hormones and decreased oestrogen. Probably a survival mechanism from the paleo period (ironic), because we had to stay alive to keep the children and remain able to take care of the group. We had to be able to search out for food and run and jump and be aware even when we were eating nothing. Interestingly men did not have this effect. But what that means for us women is that: we may sleep worse, think about food, and not menstruate. Being a nurse you would understand thats kinda lame.

    I myself have tried the RFL for four days, I found my sleep was worse and worse, i thought about food more, and I had a belated period. It took a few days of food before I normalized again. Pretty interesting.

    I did not have this effect with the IF though.

    Best of luck,

  • Wow! Great information Kitty...thank you!! I have a few more days to decide as my BP coffee has yet to arrive and will definitely check out the Paleo women site! You have nurses pegged! Fortunately I am fairly organized so following BP hasn't been too hard. I have been following it for about a month. I have lost about 5 lbs but since I need to loose about 100lbs I really need something to kick myself in gear which is why I was considering RFL or IF. I know Dave mentioned being able to lose 30-40 lbs in 6-8 this typical/expected? Would love to know real there a place hiding on this forum with that info?

    Thanks so much!!

  • Not that I know of, in regards to a place with the rapid fat loss weight numbers. There is one thread that was called 'ketones' or something along those lines started by patricia aiken and a couple others were posting on that thread about their results. Unfortunately, the guys seem to get somewhat better results on the RFL than we do. I think one of the reasons why we may not lose as quickly as we like is because dave says 'eat all you want and you will lose'. I was like "YEEES!!!!! I CAN EAT HEAPS!!!!" having been on a few uber low cal diets this sounded awesome. There was a pro, and a con when I was just eating bulletproof and not fasting just eating away thinking I would lose. Pro: I gained muscle and lost fat. Con: I didnt lose weight. I was eating like 2500 a day, and for a 5'6 girl thats a pretty good amount to eat and not gain. But, that told me that eating that much would allow me to lose weight, despite eating full bulletproof. So.. I knew I needed to do something more... Also on the paleo for women site, the lady mentioned that yeah, men can get to low bodyfat percentages on paleo, but women get stuck at 20% or so. This is because paleo diets, with their fat and cholesterol activate hormones. Awesome for dudes, testosterone is great for fat loss and muscle building, not so good for those of us women who want to get to low fat percentages 'without restricting calories'. Cause oestrogen is like 'have babies' and Im like "i wanna run 10k in 36min, not have babies at the moment". image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' /> I was injured in a car accident and dr put me on steroids and gained too much weight so I need to get down to an athletic level and that will be a while until I can. (enough about my experience!!!) But if we dont want to be low fat% women and just be healthy then i reckon paleo will get us there, we just cant really eat all we want. If we need to lose, then we need to restrict. The end. Sob.

    Luckily we dont feel so hungry on paleo diets cause of the satiation from fat and less insulin release from the lack of glucose.

    On the ketone thread, the dudes seems to have a fair bit more success in weight loss than the girls.

    Do you have a thyroid problem perchance? have you had trouble losing before? I did immediately after the steroid stuff. tried a few things, and still couldnt. Turned out I was hypothyroid. (from years of running at an underweight mass and eating far too little) Since going on thyroxine for past couple weeks ive had a load of success. Also been doing a variation of the RFL except 2 fasting days and one food day but restricted food day to 2000 or less. Gotten some good results. When I tried the fast for longer I had some serious issues with sleep and anxiety and belated menstruation. With the shortened fasting cycle and a restricted food day ive lost 7lb in 7 days.

    Another guy, Dr John M Berardi, who wrote an entire PDF book about different fasts said one of the best ways to start is just to do a full daily fast for one day. See how you feel. Note when you actually feel hungry, and when you are just psychologically hungry. What are your energy levels like? Hows sleep? Gastrointestinal tract action? etc. I did that for one that after trying the IF for a bit and thought a whole day fast wasnt so bad. It REALLY helped me learn to discern real hunger from non hunger. Also whether I ate because I was bored. Pretty cool. Maybe give that a go one day with some bulletproof coffee/tea during and see how you feel? If its a struggle, maybe do IF for a bit, if its easy, try fasting for more than a couple days with BP coffee/tea and see how you feel.

    Best of luck,

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