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In Dave's video, after he puts his leg over his head, he mentions he hasn't stretched in awhile but it's due to his diet, collagen, and even mentioned galvanic skin response to measure how relaxed his muscles are. But I don't see anything on the site or have ever seen it brought up again. Is this effective? Or is using an emWave and taking collagen supplement efficient to keep the flexibility? I do a lot of Crossfit and my body is a bit out of whack. I have some shoulder issues and other issues in calf and quads on one side of my body. I try to foam roll as much as possible, and was even seeing a chiropractor to help with alignment, and getting massages every week. I am wondering if there is a better way to get my muscles in a relaxed state so they can release on their own and allow my body to go into proper alignment. Thanks!
Sean Buck
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  • There is a fair bit of discussion of muscle adhesion in the listener Q&A from podcast #2.

    There is also somewhere else - that i can't find - in which Dave mentions a supplement that he took to help break down muscle adhesions and become more flexible.

    I don't think that the galvanic skin response mentioned in the video really related to flexibility.
  • Zingbo,

    Yes, but that's more about recovery after working out. I do all of that, except the hyperbaric oxygen chamber Dave talked about. I'm more referring to muscles being chronically tight. For example, if I stand in front of a mirror, I can see my right shoulder is up higher than my left. It's noticeable. And no matter how much massage, foamroll, etc... it's not really getting better. I've even tried Active Release Therapy (ART). In his talk he speaks about the Galvanic Skin Response unit to give him feedback on muscles being relaxed. Just wondering if there's a way to train your body to have your muscles in a normal relaxed state, even if you don't exercise. I've tried taking time off for recovery and my issues don't get better.
    Sean Buck
    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
  • Got it.

    My amateur guess: sounds like skeletal or muscle imbalance is the cause - and the tension you're feeling is the effect. If that's correct:

    1) Have you checked out the Functional Movement Screen which Tim Ferris talks about in the Four Hour Body?

    2) If you want something even more radical, try Neuro Cranial Restructuring, in which a chiropractor with the right training can work on your posture/balance from the cranial bones on down...kinda uncomfortable because they adjust bones in the skull by inflating balloons up your nose, but made a big difference for me when i got this therapy about 10 years ago.

    Any of those sound like they might work for you? I'd be interested to hear what ultimately works for you.
  • Wait, neuro cranial restructuring? They blew up balloons in your nose? Did I read that right? I'm going to have to Google this because now I'm intrigued. Did your individual health insurance cover this? What was the purpose of the procedure? You mentioned it did wonders for you, but what specific improvements did you see?
  • Hi Zingbo,

    Yes, some sort of skeletal/muscle imbalance is the problem. But not sure which is the root cause. The muscles could be pulling my skeletal system out of whack, or vice versa. This NCR stuff looks promising but as you said very radical. The thing that is the most alarming to me is that the NCR site I found claims to correct basically everything. Including Autism, ALS, etc... a little bit weary of claims that something cures all. What did you get treated for? How many treatments did you go through? Is it expensive?


    Sean Buck
    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
  • I agree that the NCR marketing goes way overboard in listing all the things they claim they can help with...then again...if your cranial system wasn't working properly i could see how it could complicate a lot of other issues. I got NCR simply to correct some postural/balance problems - that were probably not noticeable to a casual observer - but my chiropractor detected that my muscles were essentially fighting to keep an upright posture, rather than having a naturally balanced skeleton. The doctor felt that these may have been triggered by some athletic traumas growing up. After one round of treatment (four sessions in four days) my posture was remarkably better, my balance was noticeably better, and my face had actually realigned somewhat (one cheekbone which had always been slightly behind the other cheekbone came forward, which was a good thing), and the top of my skull got slightly rounder. I was 21 at the time so I think I may have gotten more out of it than older adults whose physiology is more "settled." I can't recall what i paid at the time (long time ago), but i recall thinking that it wasn't more than four adjustment sessions from the chiropractor.
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