Beer And Mycotoxins

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As I understand it beer is the worst of the alcohols because of the high amounts of mycotoxins, but my question is... doesn't this really depend on the beer? Does anyone know what beer exactly has been tested for this? I would imagine that the amount would vary greatly on the brewery and what brewing practices they utilize. Thanks.


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    when comparing one beer to another, likely yes.

    when comparing "beer" in general to other types of alcohol, likely no. beer isn't distilled. there's yeast in there (in certain beers its stil living!) along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

    which is a shame. because i had a former life as a beer snob, and really loved it. i still have one every week or two (whenever i find something rare that i've never tried before. and i make sure to use dave's detox advice). but i feel a million times better compared to the regular beer drinking i used to do
  • So yeast is bad? I had shifted my beer drinking to drinking only unpasteurized beer per Weston A. Price Foundation recommendations.

    I love beer too.
  • back in the day hemp was a staple addition, and as an antioxidant it may prevent mycotoxic oxidative damage
  • I've been a beer lover and I'm extremely paleo and bulletproof. But i can't seem to shake having at least some beers. Though I've given up having them during the week. Usually I consider it a "cheat" on a Friday night or Saturday night. I use Dave's toxicity prevention - the vitamin b, vitamin c and NAC with every drink and charcoal (thought there was something interesting I read online about activated charcoal being harmful without consulting a doctor?? don't know if i buy it, but who knows) - it works wonders for me. To me, nothing's worse than feeling hungover, lazy and bloated after too many beers. The potato vodka is a great alternative too, and I bought a bottle that I mix with club soda or seltzer and lemon/lime. But still can't kick those delicious beers. Oh well, can't always be perfect. Besides, my opinion is if it's something you enjoy, life is short.

  • It seems like one should opt for hoppy beers, if possible.  And it seems like limiting yourself to 2 beers a night or so should keep the toxins low.

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