Uses For Raw Cacao Nibs?

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I wonder if you have any unique recipes and ways to use Raw (Unsweetened) Cacao Nibs.


I can only munch on about 0.25 grams at a time, and it is not pleasant.



Grind in a blender, and add to the BP coffee?


Throw it in the VitaMix with some juices?  (I know a VitamIx includes the pulp-  what type of beverage does a VitaMix create?  i don't add milk or dairy or nutmilk or yogurt or ice, so I don't think it is a smoothie.



So, raw cacao nib recipe?


  • With his permission,


    here is a reposting of a message brother KatoLotus sent me, when I p.m.ed him-


    I have read he uses Cacao Nibs (and seen them as a layer in his BP Coffee porn thread!)









    I add about 8-10g cocoa nibs, 42g butter, 30ml mct oil and 12g cocoa butter in a mug, before dripping fresh coffee on them through the filter, takes around 5 mins. Once the mugs full I blend it, so the nibs are semi-soft and chopped up a bit. More gritty than lumpy.


    taste good in my opinion.


    I wouldn't bother starting a new thread, but could at the info to a relevant coffee thread if you feel the info is useful.


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  • I added some to the BP ice cam... Was delicious.

  • I added some to the BP ice cam... Was delicious.



    Aha!  Another excellent idea.


    Is the use of raw cacao nibs that limited?  BP coffee, and as a topping for ice cream?

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