Mega Mocha Bulletproof Smoothie (Not Fasting Friendly)

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An amazingly delicious twist on a mocha or mocha protein shake. I've been doing this on days that I don't want to fast (usually workout days). Most eps! you can also freeze this and it makes a really good dessert.


16 oz Upgraded Coffee

2 tbsp Grass-Fed Butter 

2 tbsp MCT Oil

1 tbsp Upgraded Collagen Protein

1-2 Raw Pastured Egg Yolks

1/2-1 Avocado

1-2 tbsp Upgraded Chocolate Powder

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Upgraded Vanilla

Xylitol, Erythritol or Stevia to taste (I usually do 2-3 tsp xylitol per tbsp chocolate)

Pinch of Pink Salt


Brew your coffee.

Add butter, mct oil, collagen powder, egg yolk(s), chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, avocado, salt and sweetener to your blender.

pour in coffee and blend for about 10 seconds or until all is lookin nice n smooth.


- I like to make this and add a few chopped macadamia nuts then freeze it. Or you could un-bulletproof it even more and add some almond butter, maybe some banana too. Freeze it for a carb day treat. Add some homemade coconut milk to the frozen mocha and blend it for a crazy good ice blended mocha.  


-The only downsides to this recipe are the oxidized egg yolks (from blending) and possibly higher carb and protein content for anyone trying to stay in deep ketosis. However, the heavy fat load should help manage the carbs from the avo and chocolate in most people and not disrupt ketosis. You can skip the eggs if needed. Or try and slowly pulse until smooth. You can also use cold coffee to help reduce the oxidization in the eggs. Tweak this recipe all you want!


  • sounds tasty, i don't see why you are so hard on yourself though...where are the excessive carbs that you're talking about come from? seems like a pretty solid bulletproof lunch to me.  

  • Wow, making a bulletproof coffee, then adding butter and MCT oil. Hard core.


    I make an upgraded coffee and add butter and mct ;-)


    MMA Fighter


    SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well

  • Haha! Yeeeah ya got me there Katolotus. Probably would't be too bad though doubling up on the crème de la crème. Especially goin for the ice cream approach. 

    And Drumminangoleira I was stating that about the carbs more as a notice or disclaimer for the hardcore low carbers. Which is me probably 3 days out of the week if all is normal in my life. I tend to do 2 to 3 days of less than 30 grams of carbs per day, preferably around 15 grams or less. My dad has prostate cancer and I've been working to get down a solid cancer starving keto regimen so that I can do the same diet right along with him and he doesn't feel so isolated by it. He just got his medical marijuana card so going super low sugar to starve cancer, even though it's life and death, is still quite difficult for him. Anyway, now I'm ranting!!! THINGS ABOUT STUFF!!! Give the blend a try and HAVE A BEAUTIFULLY BULLETPROOF DAY!!!

  • i just made a pretty tasty version of this. i left out the cinnamon because i didn't feel like taking the time to grate it, and left out the salt because i have had some bad luck with salt in smoothies. basically i made normal bulletproof coffee, added avocado, chocolate, vanilla, stevia, blended that, then added some steamed kale and some upgraded coffee ice cubes (nice to keep some of those in the freezer!) and some other ice cubes, and blended that, then added coconut milk, egg yolks, whey, and collagen. worked out really well! 

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