Bpc Makes You Thirsty?

Does anyone else find that drinking BPC makes them very thirsty? I don't drink very much, not even a full cup, because caffeine is not my best friend, but some days I find I am intensely thirsty afterwards. What is the reason for this? Is it normal? Do you all just drink a bunch of water alongside your coffee?


I read in some other threads that it happens for a while until your body gets used to the BPC, but I'm not new to it. Just curious why this may happen and if it's a bad thing.



  • Are you drinking coffee first thing in the morning? Coffee is known to dehydrate you.


    Just drink 1-2 big glasses of water before having your BPC. It's something you should do in the morning regardless of if you have coffee or not anyways.

  • I usually do drink at least a full glass of water first thing in morning. I usually wake up thirsty. Then a little while later I have coffee. And then drink water throughout the day.

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