Aeropress Newbie

I am new to coffee as well as the aeropress. I have tried several brew times, grinds and water temps as well as inverted and drip and I have not noticed much difference in taste.

I know different beans have different taste that can be brought out by changing any of these variables. I'm not sure what tones are in the Upgraded Coffee.

I currently use the Drip method 24 grams coarse grind put in aeropress with metal filter on cup. I use 203 degree water that I pour and let bloom, stir then keep filled using 400 ml of water. Wait 2:30 them press until 3:30 or hiss. This isn't bad, I've always drank it no matter the outcome. I taste it before Kerry gold,MCT and Coconut oil to try and notice subtleties. I appreciate any recommendations on the aeropress.





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