Dna Plus+ Miracle Remedy? Or Just Good Science?

G'Day all, 

This is Steve from Australia! My wife has been suffering from all sorts of problems such as fatigue, wrinkles, fragile bones, terrible memory. It's driven her to the ground. She says she looks older yet her spirit is alive. We have got 6 grand children and I wish we could give them the energy and life they deserve, however my wifes body just can't keep up, and as much as it pains me to say it, I can't keep up either.

Earlier in the year, we had been reading lots about telomere's – Elizibeth Blackburn from Melbourne in Australia won a Nobel Prize for the amazing finding in 2009. Telomeres are the caps on each individual cell and they shorten as we age and cause us to frail. 

It is possible to get longer telomeres through the extract found in a Chinese herb. 

The cheapest product we found on the market is DNAPlus+ sold by a company with US + Australian distribution called http://www.telomerebiomedical.com

My wife and I got our telomeres checked 4 months ago before we started using the product and then got them checked again recently and it's been working wonders! 

• My immune system is strengthening 
• My wife says she feels like brain speed is increasing 
• Our Bones feel stronger and energised
• My eyesight is much better
• We are both feeling energetic – I can keep up with the grandkids
• My wifes skin is firming up
• My memory seems to be a lot better

I want to recommend this product to everyone. I have tried many other "miracle pills" but this one seems to be the silver bullet. 

Has anyone else on the forum been using this?




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