Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Hello bulletproof people, i know everyone here loves their himalayan salt and i just recently discovered himalayan salt lamps. This lamps last forever, purify the air and heal you. Balance out the positive and negative ions in the air particularly with people who use computers, electronics, people who smoke, etc...  People have reported that they have stopped snoring at night, it has helped people with allergies and other sinus issues. While there are countless health benefits, it is also a work of art! They are made from 200 million year old himalayan rock salt crystals, and come in many colors!


(search for health benefits and you will find many links, i thought i would share this with you folks because these things do kick ass and are priceless for your well-being)



  • Do these really work to shield from EMFs?

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    They emit large amounts of negative ions which purifes the air from pollution of all kinds, bacteria, cigarette smoke, so basically yes. That is what all my research shows. Holistic doctors have been using them with patients for century's. Also a lot of massage therapists and yoga teachers use it to purify the air and create a more tranquil enviroment.



  • Anyone have recommendations for the best kind/brand to get?

  • http://www.himalayansaltshop.com/


    ^^^i got mine from there and it it was at my house in 3 days. There is more info on the site but i had a good experience and they seem legitimate. As for the best kind it depends on how big your room is. I got the 6-8 pound one for just my bedroom but if your putting it in a large room you might want a bigger one. This one i have is perfect for nighttime reading.(My eyes don't hurt anymore) I've been leaving mine on 24/7 and love it so far.


    The red/pink ones are good for your heart shakra and will give your room a nice pink glow. :)

  • hmmmm.... I need Kalotus to test it with his smartmeter... see if it really helps with EMF....

  • Do you have any reasons for saying that ryanmercer?

  • EMFs produce positive ions in the atmosphere, so negative ions could be used to neutralise them. Maybe negative ions don't actually alleviate EMFs but instead prevent some of the negative effects caused by the positive ions produced by EMF.

  • Pink "Himalayan" salt contains fluoride and heavy metals.


    Is this TRUE???

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    I keep mine on 24 hours a day, and i have noticed a difference in my air quality and smell. , and is it really true that there is no salt mines in the himalayas? So it is probably some other kind of salt? When Dave Asprey talks about himalayan salt, is it salt from somewhere else? ( Okay Ryan, i took down some of those links up there, i see what your saying about that. )

  • I appretiate your honesty ryan. I'll take down those links. In your opinion, would a salt lamp help the air quality at all if i kept it on 24 hours a day?


    For me, it is still a good looking lamp and it is much easier on my eyes so it has replaced my other lamps just based off of this.


    My yoga teacher raved about the health benefits so that it was led to to buying it, like i said i don't regret it for the reason above but i was led on to believe that there were enourmous health benefits. There are also a lot of reviews on amazon about kids losing there allegeries with it, i mean people do rave about them.

  • Okay, i've been looking for scientific evidence but i've been coming up empty handed. All sites i visit claim the same thing, they list a thousand benefits but then say that scientists haven't tested it yet.  I guess for now, for me, the biggest benefits is the nice glow that is less hash on my eyes and if i notice other benefits, that will just be a plus.

  • 2 things... this: http://technorati.com/lifestyle/article/himalayan-salt-lamps-do-they-work/


    and this: http://realsalt.com/sea-salt/comparing-real-salt-to-himalayan-celtic/



    First, a Real Salt reminder…

    Just so we know we’re all on the same page, Real Salt is an all natural unrefined sea salt harvested from an ancient ocean. It’s full of those natural minerals that make it healthy, delicious, and pink or red looking, and though we do hate to boast we’re also the best-selling brand in America’s health food stores. Yay, Real Salt!

    With that in mind, here are the differences between Real Salt and our second-favorite sea salt brands.

    Celtic Sea Salt

    Celtic Salt is a great salt harvested from the current ocean. They do a terrific job with their salt, harvesting it by hand and leaving it unprocessed so it contains those important trace minerals.  Compared to Real Salt, the biggest difference is that the current ocean is exposed to many environmental challenges (mercury, lead, plastic & petroleum toxins, chemicals, etc.) that ancient seas never experienced. (That’s not to say Celtic users have anything to worry about, but we people do tend to foul up the oceans terribly, sometimes.)

    Himalayan Pink

    Like Real Salt, the Himalayan brands are harvested from an ancient salt deposit that would have been created long before there were any modern toxins. Geologically, the Himalayan deposit is very similar to Real Salt; they both have the full spectrum of minerals and both can be considered crystal salts. Tasted side by side, Real Salt is a bit sweeter, while Himalayan tends toward an earthy flavor.

    The big difference between Real Salt and Himalayan is to do with consequences of geography. Real Salt comes from the USA (Redmond, Utah), and the Himalayan deposits are in and around Khewra, Pakistan. There are 17 different mines supplying the Himalayan brands, and some have more modern standards than others.  Generally, Real Salt is half the cost (we’re so glad we don’t have to ship it from Pakistan!) and we know you can always trust the quality, processes, and labor policies that bring Real Salt to your kitchen.

  • Is there still any benefit in consuming pink Himalayan salt over the typical table salt? I find I much prefer the texture and taste of the "Himalayan" salt.

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation



    How dare you question himalayan salt? (just jokin')


    We must get to the bottom of this

  • Has anyone ever tried testing for EMFs in the presence of a Salt Lamp? Wouldn't that tell you if it was reducing the EMFs from electronics in your room?


    What salt are we suppose to eat? I buy Trader Joes Pink Himalayan brand... what should I be getting to get the iodine and minerals?

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