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  • I do think that genuine pink himalayan salt lamp benefits do exist. There may not be as many positive effects as what some people may speculate, but I do believe that some are there. There has been scientific research performed on the subject. Reference: http://iluvlamp.us/salt-lamp-benefits

  • i've got himalayan salt lamps for ages. Last I bought them in Candlemania and I think they are perfect for me. They looks fantastic

  • Hello! I know that this topic is an old one, but I was so eager to tell you my story on the salt lamps. In short they do work and help. However there are several things that you must know before buying one.

    I have allergies and migraine. And manage to reduce them using the salt lamps. And that's not a joke. Several years ago a friend of mine gave me my first salt lamp for my birthday. But of course It didn't work as I wanted. And I started researching. It turned out that it is a science, not a magic :smiley: First the salt is hygroscopic - it attracts water from the air. This water contains dust and all bad things that trigger allergies and migraine ( for me ). So when the water is absorbed by the salt crystal and the lamp is switched on it evaporates because of the the heat. And when it does so it's now purified and contains minerals from the Himalayan salt. It also emit negative ions, which neutralize the positive ions in the air in your room. This positive ions are generated by the TV, phones, electric devices,etc. They are harmful for the health.

    So in short that is how it works. But there is something more you should know. You have to choose the right size of salt lamp for your room. If your room is a big one you should choose large salt lamp or buy several small ones. Because they have perimeter of action. Here's a good article that explains: http://www.himasaltlamps.com/large-vs-small-himalayan-salt-rock-lamp/
    Here's an image that has info:

    Yes, you have to do the math.

    I hope I was able to help you with this topic. If you need more information, just aks me and I will answer.

  • Hi - I have two 8 inch salt lamps and wonder about the bulb. I can't tell what the bulb is. Probably 7 watts. Is this the best wattage or should I use a 15 watt bulb? Thanks.

  • Should a 14 inch salt lamp have a 15 watt or 25 watt bulb in it. I know you can use either but which is best?

  • I once bought a Himalayan salt lamps from sunnest. Their salt lamp really helps me sleep better. It is worthwhile to buy a one for yourself.

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