Helpful Tips: Nausea/upset Stomach+How To Prevent

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So I am new here and just started BP Coffee this morning. I wished I checked this forum out before I made my coffee. After drinking the coffee (which was delicious), at first I was fine. Then I got nauseous after some light workout; felt fine with light cardio; then it hit me while doing strength training after drinking it. Right now I am at work (not so busy at the moment that is why I am here). The nausea subsided a bit but still have upset stomach....I have no appetite at all because I just feel grossed out right now  -_-

I am putting together tips+suggestions I found while lurking around this forum. I hope this can help some people who don't have time to search around. Please add on more suggestions as you'd like. 



----What caused upset stomach+nausea seemed to be the MCT oil----

Tip#1 Quite of few of you suggested that we start with 1 tsp (5mL). (TEAspoon; some only did 1/2 tsp.). then work your way up until you can tolerate 3 teaspoons (15mL) (which is 1 tablespoon), then so on...

However, some said gradually increasing the dose did not help with nausea. Then try....


Tip#2 Drink the coffee slowly.


Tip#3 Use extra virgin coconut oil instead (I'd add cold extracted. Non-fermented?).Then build tolerance from there. Some can tolerate coconut oil better.


Tip#4 " Take a digestive enzyme that contains ox bile, I like NOW brand's "super enzyme".  Should work pretty quickly."  (by Jason Miller; orig post here). Bile helps breakdown fat into smaller molecules so that enzyme that breaks down fat gets better surface area. Bottom line, easier digestion...


Tip#5 Make ICED coffee instead. Some users found that MCT had no ill effect when taken cold. I'd put ice in my cup first before i pour hot coffee in. I never crack my glass/ceramic that way.

     Thank you CTHT for the recipe! (orig post here)

Iced BP Coffee:

1 Tablespoon of BP Coffee finely ground

16 oz of filtered water

1 Tablespoon Kerry Gold butter

1 Tablespoon Upgraded MCT oil

1/4 Teaspoon of Sweet Leaf stevia (powdered kind with inulin fiber)


Make coffee. Mix coffee and all igredients in blender. Pour into large metal cup (a martini shaker bottom will work). Should be a little over half way. Then add ice to the hot coffee until the cup is full. Stir until cold (approx 30 seconds) and drink with straw. No need to chill the coffee first but the metal cup is important. Glass or plastic will crack if you add that much ice to hot coffee. (yes, even those really thick enormous beer mugs will burst -- I've done it twice.)


Iced Chocolate Latte BP Coffee:

1 Tablespoon of BP Coffee finely ground

16 oz of filtered water

1 tablespoon Kerry Gold butter

1/2 Tablespoon Upgraded chocolate powder

1 Tablespoon Upgraded cacao butter

1 Pinch of Upgraded vanilla

1/4 Teaspoon of Sweet Leaf stevia (powdered kind with inulin fiber)

(You can add MCT oil to this as well. The other ingredients help minimize stomach upset too.)


Tip# 6 Try BP Decaf coffee instead (by CTHT, same post as above)

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Hope this helps!


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