No Loss On Bp Diet, Help?

*Backstory, I've yo-yo'd with weight my whole life. I do believe there are people more genetically predisposed to being overweight because even as a child in school I watched what I ate and made sure to exercise and was always chubby compared to my friends who ate whatever they wanted with little to no body fat. In college I finally leveled out and actually ended up losing the freshman 15 and even more my softmore year and felt great about myself. Mid way through my softmore year, however, I got really sick and unfortunately had to drop out of school. It was very bad, I didn't leave my house for an entire year and gained 100 lbs. When I finally came-to I was determinded to get back the the weight I was comfortable at in college and turned around and lost back the 100 lbs in the very next year. Most of which was through Power 90 (the easier version of P90X), strength training in the gym, and calorie confusion from a book called Breaking the Fatloss Code (alternating carb intakes on different days). The last 25 lbs of that weight and an additional 25 lbs I lost after the 100 came from doing the HCG diet. I maintained this new weight for almost 6 months with no problems eating moderate carbs and with moderate exercise. I finally felt like I had a handle on my body. Until spring of last year (2011). It started with 5 lbs, then crept up to 10 by the end of summer, 15 by the Holidays, and 25 by now. I didn't really understand because I was eating the same as I had been when I was maintaining, but gaining weight. And then I was trying to diet and nothing was working to get the weight off*

I first learned of the BPE a little over 2 months ago from a friend. I was really depressed and looking to start losing some weight fast and was considering going back to either the HCG diet or just regular low carb (both that I've had considerable results from in the past, and not just muscle mass loss, genuine "flab" loss) to get that 25 back off in a month, but he convinced me to try it the BP way first. Like I said... I was severally depressed with the way I looked and felt, so I wanted to try out the RFLP first for immediate results. I lost like 7 lbs in 2 or 3 days (water, I'm sure) but ended up having to stop it after that because it was making me sick. I'm not a big fat eatter, so the coffee with butter got old after the first day and I couldn't even make myself eat plain butter for dinner without gagging. Also I was having HORRIBLE flu like pains at night. So I decided to move on the the regular BP diet with intermittent fasting. I lost another 3 lbs doing that for a week and was finally down 10 until my first refeed. I only ate carbs for that 1 day but my weight shot back up. I stopped weighing after that because my friend told me that is a bad indicator and causes stress. All I know is that I have been doing the diet for 2 months with no results. I finally weighed the other day and I am actually back up to what I was before I did the RFLP and my clothes are as tight as ever, so no inch loss either. I haven't been doing the diet perfectly, I'd say I probably eat 70% BP, 30% not, so I wasn't expecting to lose the 20-30 lbs in 4-6 weeks like the website says you can, but surely I should have lost something. Right?

About midway through with no results my friend suggested I try to stop the intermittent fasting, that maybe by metabolism was too screwed up for that, so I went to eating just 3 big meals a day B, L, D with at least 30 grams of protien and lots of the healthy fat. That didn't help either. I'm taking all the supplements. I'm sleeping a lot. I definetely have stress (work, school, relationships), but nothing major. I'm not sure what to do. I like the diet, I've had more energy eating BP and have slept better than I ever have in my life. But I'm not losing weight and its killing me.

-Side note: I got my mom doing the BP diet too when she wanted to go back on HCG, and she lost 10 during RFLP, but switched the the regular BP diet and has been doing it nearly perfectly (way better than me) for a month or so and hasn't lost anything either. Neither of us are anywhere close to goal weights, so our weight loss shouldn't be slowing because of that. We are both in the overweight section of BMI charts. So we are both considering going back to HCG

I just don't understand...

1) Why I'm not losing on the BP diet? Because the science makes sense.

2) Why I lost 100 lbs with ease, but can't lose this 25? And like I said... I'm still probably 40-50 lbs over weight, so that shouldn't be it.

3) If birthcontrol could be making THIS big of a difference? Because I started back on it last spring, which coincides with the start of the weight gain. But I've been googling it and all of the literature suggest that BC does not make that big of a difference in weight.

I really like the BP diet and feel great on it, so I want to stay on it, but I HAVE to start losing weight for my mental health. Any help would be beyond appreciated.

(23 yr old female, 6 feet tall, 225 lbs)


  • 70% in 30% out... So... Really you are only giving it 20% right? All in or all out. And stop the yo yo stuff that is not kind to your body and it's fragile systems.

  • I'm really looking for sincere and helpful insight. If the fact that I can't stick to the green side of the BF scale 100% of the time means that I'm lazy and deserve to be fat, maybe I should find another diet community. I work full time and am a full time student. I am only home for 1 meal a day and do the best I can, meat and butter isn't exactly easy to transport around a college campus or a workplace with no break room or fridge. Dave himself said the Bulletproof diet works, no matter what, in his 14 steps or whatever. Just that the more you follow it the better results you will have.

    I'm not really looking to get bashed on here. Especially considering I work my butt off to eat way more healthy than the majority of the US population and just about everyone I know, even only eating BF 70%. No one is perfect.
  • Just curious, how much water are you drinking? I am on IF and after my cup of coffee with butter, mct, and some stevia, I am constantly drinking water and think it is a requirement on BP.
  • I try to drink about half of my body weight in ounces of water, so about 100 oz
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    i wish I was more knowledgeable on this to help you out..and there are many helpful people on here, they just aren't here all the time.


    I would get you a blood-glucose meter (they are fairly cheap at places like wal-greens, cvs and like). Log every meal and check your blood-glucose levels about 2 hours after you eat and log that number along with how you feel both mentally and physically. You should be able to figure out what foods cause a higher blood sugar response and physical / mental reactions and you can start removing those foods from your diet. Sense everyone is different this would become your personal plan...
  • Interesting thought, my mom is diabetic and has a meter.
  • 'Hannah' wrote:

    I really like the BP diet and feel great on it, so I want to stay on it, but I HAVE to start losing weight for my mental health.

    (23 yr old female, 6 feet tall, 225 lbs)

    If you feel great on this diet your mental health should be improving. If you feel great then you know there must be something to this. Investigate, read experiment with what you eat, what you think etc. and see what works for you. This is not always an overnite success, everybody is different so take you time and relax - you will get there!
  • I can only speak from my own personal experience, so here it is: When you have a TON of weight to lose, like when I was 340 pounds, it's actually kinda easy to start dropping weight really fast. Something as simple as stopping sodas can make several dozen pounds come off. The lower body fat you have, I've found, the more strict you have to get to get to lower body fat percentages. So yeah, maybe you can drop the first 40-50 pounds with "70%" compliance but then you find it doesn't work anymore. Would you rather have people pat you on the back and say it's out of your control or tell you to suck it up, buttercup, and get yourself more compliant if you want to make it the rest of the way to your goal? I had a coach in school that used to tell us "stop making excuses and start making good" and I always HATED it when he said that. But you know what? It's really the truth. Sometimes reality sucks. I'd love to eat ice cream and cake and not get fat, but after carrying all that extra weight around for so long the simple fact is that I can put on weight if I "cheat" with dried fruit, nuts and cheese. Like REALLY fast. I started eating dried fruit at work thinking "hey it's OK, it's FRUIT!" and put on 10 pounds and one waist size in a week. Because of the crap I ate for years and years, I simply can't "cheat" at all ever if I want to maintain even a modest 19% body fat. My best friend is a little Asian guy that can eat ramen, cookies and other crap and still have a 6 pack. Does it suck? Hell yeah. But that's just the way things are. I have to try harder, BUT I have the means to keep my weight off if I stick to it. Is it easy to do? Well yeah it gets to be expensive and a pain in the butt eating out ... but as the whole9 duo like to rant ... terminal cancer is hard, asking for no bun just bloody isn't.

    So I'm sorry, you are gonna just have to suck it up, buttercup, if you want this to work. Doing it 70% just ain't gonna get you where you want to go. Saying that isn't mean, it's just the way things are. There are plenty of resources out there on how to do this. Go check out Sarah's great website for lots of tips and tricks of how to make it easier and cheaper to eat better.

    So for reference, he's me in 2009:


    And this is what I look like now


    Stil no 6 pack for sure, I hope to put enough effort to do that, but I think I've done pretty well so far.

  • My best friend is a little Asian guy that can eat ramen, cookies and other crap and still have a 6 pack. Does it suck? Hell yeah. But that's just the way things are. I have to try harder, BUT I have the means to keep my weight off if I stick to it. Is it easy to do? Well yeah it gets to be expensive and a pain in the butt eating out ... but as the whole9 duo like to rant ... terminal cancer is hard, asking for no bun just bloody isn't.

    I feel sorry for people who can eat whatever they want and maintain weight. They live life thinking everything is fine and then one day, s**t hits the fan. For rest of us who gain weight by under complying to a diet, we tend to be more conscious of what we put in our bodies. I am currently at 17% bf and am fine with it, but if I begin eating crap I gain weight fast and feel like crap. I'd much rather be without a 6 pack and maintain high compliance to health food. In the long run the 6 pack won't do s**t for diseases of civilization.

    To the OP, do you do anything to increase your self discipline? Sounds like you need to figure out what you want out of life, as far as health and longevity. The more I go 100% bp and I am close to 100% the better I feel and the less I desire non-bp foods. I live with my family who are all SAD eaters and they display a jar of cookies on the kitchen table, daily. The desire for those cookies is basically absent. I know they are good, I just plain don't care that they exist. I'd find some good books on building self discipline and then figure out what you want from bp lifestyle. That 30% non compliance is clearly enough to keep your hormones out of whack. Let us know if you decide to go 90-100% bp compliant and what happens to your weight. Best of luck and stick with it.
  • I feel like I should probably clarify a few things...

    1) When I said 70% I did not mean that the other 30% was cupcakes and McDonalds that I was too lazy to give up. I was simply stating that I'm a student and can not afford all grass-feed meat and everything else organic or raw. I'm breaking my bank with the pasture raised eggs and hormone free/nitrate free bacon, as is. I only eat "real" carbs once a week, as advice from a friend, to reset leptin levels or something after a workout. Other than that, maybe at birthday party or holiday. Which would MAYBE account for 5% a week. The rest of the 30 is just stuff that isn't on the far green side. Maybe some rice if the only thing I can get my hands on between school and work is a bowl of soup from a local healthy resturant, or maybe some dairy here or there on a homemade burger (but organic valley, or as healthy as I can get), or a fast food salad if im desperate.

    2) Also, the bit about losing fast not working hard before, and now not being able to lose anything. I wasn't implying that it used to be easy and now it isn't, so poor pitiful me, I really don't want to have to get down to the hard work. What I was trying to say was that I am no where near an ideal body fat range. So I understand that I wont lose as fast as I used to, but at 225 lbs, I still have another 50 or so to go so I shouldn't be stonewalling due to that, I don't think. I was simply trying to probe what other factors could be at play. Like the birthcontrol? Or anything else that might be making a difference? When I haven't had any problems losing from 225 to 200 or less before.
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