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I posted this on the women's forum, but wanted to also see what kind of response I could get on the Parents' forum...


I am new to BP, been on it about a month with my husband and 14-month son.  Still going strong nursing and I have found out through trial and error (duh!) that I need to eat more frequently than my hubby and also more carbs, or I feel like I am dying!  But I am happy with ZERO sugar cravings.  So here is what a typical day looks like...  


Bulletproof coffee at 9, then again at 1030....At around 9:30, my son and I eat breakfast which is either eggs, guacamole and sometimes bacon from our awesome butcher, or some BP ice cream or custard.  Lunch is around noon in some form of beef/salmon, veggies, fat, and sweet potatoes/rice, usually what was left over from the night before (I cook from Dave's new cookbook).  Dinner is around 6, and similar + BP Icecream before bed.  My son and I also have an afternoon snack of fruit and Mary's Gone rice crackers.  He drinks Almond+Coconut milk with his meals for extra fat (not much).  He nurses right when he wakes up and then whenever he wants, all throughout the day.  He sleeps through the night about 11 hrs.  (YAY!)  


My question is simply to know what other lactating women have found to be their daily needs for fat and carbs and how often.  Before I upped my carbs and meal frequency I seemed very hungry right before bed and also right before lunch.  I recently started taking supplements and that has helped tremendously.  But  I want to make sure this is normal and not a crazy metabolic issue - I've always had a very fast metabolism and very slightly hyperactive thyroid. I also seem to have to urinate more frequently...??  Thanks in advance.  P.S., I have NOT read Better Baby Book yet... Is it worth the money?



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    Well done for sticking with it for so long! Your son will definitely benefit from it, good on you.


    You will need more carbs than your husband, but you've figured that out :-D Try to have carbs at least 2-3 times per week, more if you're not trying to be in ketosis.


    How much butter / MCT are you having in your BPC? Seems strange to have another one at 10:30 unless its just because you like it. Doesn't the 9am one fill you up?


    Looks like you're doing it really well.

  • Thanks! I make about 32 oz of of coffee and just sip on it until lunch.  Can't stomach it all at once.  I probably have 3-4 Tbsp of butter with 2 tbsp mct.  I judge it by the color of the coffee.  Is that enough? I actually have been doing carbs 2x a day, at lunch and dinner!  Seems any less and I have adrenal fatigue.  I try to have a lot of fat in my diet - maybe I don't have enough if I feel hungry an hour after I eat?  I am not trying to lose weight and I am not currently training for anything - I am 5'3" and 122 lbs. Right now my number one goal is just to keep nursing my son and keep my energy up to keep up with him!

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    When I make BPC, I use about 600ml of coffee with around 85 grams of butter and 2 tablespoons of MCT. I'm pretty sure that's on the high side.


    You shouldn't feel hungry an hour after eating a meal. Maybe the meal is too high in carbs? Try adding more fat to your meals and see how you go.

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