Sleep Chamber?

Hey bio-hackers!

I wanted to solicit ideas and opinions about building a sleep/restoration chamber, because it could be a great bio-hacking tool, it seems to me.


Any ideas for budget sleep/restorative chambers, and cool bio-hacking stuff that might be good to incorporate into the designs?  Any material or build spec. suggestions/blueprints?


Things I've considered integrating:

- soundproofing

- light-proofing

- non-blue spectrum lights for reading, etc.

- grounding/earthing mat, or wrist/ankle-band at least

- EMF or other types of shielding

- head-side speakers for binaurial/isochronic beats and Pzziz audio

- hypoxic/hyperbaric capabilities

- comfyness


Thanks y'all!


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    Your idea sounds awesome!


    I've been toying with the idea of getting a four-post bed and blacking it all out. Not to the extent you're saying though.



  • I think this is a great little project for the Bulletproof community to work on!


    Honestly, I would not reinvent the wheel. Something similar to this already exists. A floatation tank. Take the water out and put a mattress in. Then you add in all your other sleep hacking bells & whistles. 


    Imagine a beddit ( except it covers the whole mattress. Not just "do you move during your sleep" but "HOW do you move during your sleep"


    I love the hyperbaric suggestion too. 


    Also, it needs room to shag in ;)

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    You'll need to build a Faraday cage around it to block the EMFs etc.


    Just found this:

    I never would have though there were so many different textiles for blocking EMFs!

  • If you get/build a faraday cage and have a large EMF problem in your home, in the walls, in the surrounding area, etc. you may as well microwave yourself, lol. (I didn't mean to sound condescending). Some member at Dr. Kruse site just posted this on his last blog:


    I really appreciate every thing you do Dr. Kruse. It has been a long time since I got a good nights sleep, it took me forever to fall asleep then I would lose count of how many times I woke up during the night... $15 for a transistor AM radio from radio shack helped me locate EMF sources in my house and and I still can't believe the difference it has made for my sleep. 

    I found a fluorescence drop-light hanging from the basement ceiling right under my bedroom and almost exactly under where my head lays on the bed... Even more amazing is the drop-light was not even turned on, just plugged in and the EMF it was admitting blew my mind!!!(literally). Thank you."


    So many little things like that are key. If you are adamant about removing EMFs, hire an EMF engineer or do a consult with Michael Neuert. I don't even know if I buy into the Greenwave Filters yet. If you want to really enhance your sleep (*disclaimer* I do not own one but have read TONS of reviews), experiment with magnets, or better yet, get a Magnetico Sleep Pad. The only downside is that if you spend a lot of time where you sleep, and you aren't spending it ON the bed (i.e. on the magnetico sleep pad) you're exposed to the opposite pole of the tremendously powerful magnetic field and it can in fact harm your performance. well-being, health, etc. I think having no electronics in the room that you sleep, turning the breaker/WiFi off at night, and limiting technology at night are the best bets. Then, if you have the funds, get a Magnetico Pad, and as Ben Greenfield (and some others say) use your bedroom for sleep and sex, nothing else.


    This is a great idea, though. My idea was, if I were to move to Poland in the next year or two (where the EMFs are less problematic and the Magnetism is a bit better), my 'bedroom' would be in the basement, and it would be cool and dark. Possibly supplement that with a magnetico pad. The magnetism of sleeping underground with a magnetico pad, having little to no EMFs, the room being completely dark, and having a cool (or cold) room would create the ultimate sleep den. I'll look for the TED Talk, but a sleep researcher spoke about a study where people lived/slept underground and their productivity and well-being skyrocketed. According to Dr. Kruse, cold and dark suprasensitizes us to the processes of autophagy, and he replicated the study to raise his dopamine levels or something similar.

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  • I want one. Just need an unlimited supply of cash to build one. My bedroom is like a horse and cart compared to the Lambo's we're talking about here! Most people's bedrooms are like a square wheel. Not designed for sleeping ;-)


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  • Have you ever tried a floatation tank? I just opened a centre near Manchester, UK if you are interested in getting some ideas

    Found of Beyond Floatation Spa; creating the potential for you to disconnect to reconnect.

    Floatation, isolation tanks & sensory deprivation for Manchester and Cheshire. Go beyond relaxation.
  • Perhaps I should rephrase my original post:


    I think this is a great idea for a start-up. Ok, it might be a little sci-fi and futuristic, but isn't that why we're all here? It the end product might be a cost prohibitive for anyone but millionaires, but it's not like it's a bad thing to target millionaires. Think about what we could learn from this and it's potential applications. We might end up with tech for sport science or we could end up with a consumer product. 


    I think we should pool together and actually work on this. Is anyone else interested?

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    Great idea. Some suggestions for inspiration: Japanese pod hotels, and bivvy bags ( breathable pole less tent like enclosures for sleeping outside e.g terra nova's flo2). I have one of these, it's basically a light tight breathable body bag for the living, could be adapted with some silver filament and a fit of foam insulation....
  • Sounds like you're describing a tech'd out coffin. I think I've seen a few of those in True Blood.
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