Can I Get A Vitamix Recipe, Step By Step For Making Bp Coffee, Please?

Greetings, brothers & sisters!


I just became the proud owner of a VitaMix.


Love the thing, and clean up is the best part.



I have been a daily drinker of BP coffee for 2.33 years now, roughly.


I have searched this forum, as well as youtube for a step by step guide to making the bulletproof coffee using a VitaMix.




There are dozens of (mostly bad) videos on youtube, showing inferior ways to froth, shilling for ancillary products, etc.


Which I wouldn't mind, if I could see how to use the VitaMix properly.


I do understand the heat will be an issue with the lid blowing off from pressure being created.



I like the idea of really whipping up the butter, MCT oil, cacao butter, and the other ingredient I now have the ability to add:  cacao nibs.



Please pass along the link if there is a guide somewhere and I didn't notice it.  If not, please take the time to help your brother out!





  • I use a Vitamux daily. 


    Here's what I do.


    1 - Heat the coffee water

    2 - French Press brew coffee

    3 - Melt butter, coconut oil and cacao butter in microwave while coffee is brewing; let sit in microwave while coffee finishes brewing

    4 - Add BP Chocolate Power, BP Vanilla, Cinnamon, Xyletol and MCT Oil  to the Vitamix

    5 - When coffee is done, pour into Vitamix

    6 - Add melted butter mixture

    7 - Add lid, making sure that the stopper on top is well seated, but that you have the little vents available.

    8 - (I have a varible control) Start on low and wait until you don't see any individual parts (if my cacao butter doesn't melt all the way, I do this until its totally gone).  Slowly ratchet up the speed until you're on high. 

    9 - Leave on high 30-60 seconds

    10 - Slowly lower the speed back to low.

    11 - Pour into mug.


    I typically have 1/4 the amount of foam as I have of the coffee.

  • put butter, mct, and optionals in the blender, add the coffee, turn on high for +/- 20 seconds, done.  

    1 thing I would add is pre-heat blender and mug with  hot water..

  • Because of other issues, I can't drink it for at least an hour after I get up, which means it goes into the thermos and travels to work with me.  I also don't have much time in the morning so I can allocate the 45 sec to melt everything together as opposed to heating up the stove to melt it there.  As for not needing to melt it - I find it stays warm longer if I put the hot butter into the coffee.


    It may not be completely bulletproof, but it's as close as my circumstances let me get.

  • Dave does a demo of making bulletproof coffee, on the creativeLIVE Bulletproof Life 3-day workshop, on day 2 at 2:00 pm, using a Blendtec blender (competitor to Vitamix).


    Personally, I just put MCT Oil, grass-fed butter, and bulletproof coffee in my Vitamix, and blend. I don't preheat the butter. The blended coffee is still more than hot enough to drink, for me.  While blending, the hot coffee will heat the air in the blender.  Hot air expands. I hold my hand on the lid while blending, to make sure the lid stays on.

  • before making the coffee I like to let the better sit at room temp. and then when I pour the coffee over it I wait till it's properly dissolved before I blend

  • It's a Vitamix, you could put cold water in it, turn it on high and have boiling water in a few minutes. 


    I pre-heat the Aeropress, then dump that water in my measuring cup, then dump that in the Vitamix to warm it. While the coffee brews I dump the water out of the Vitamix, put in 2 tbsp MCT oil, pull the butter out of the fridge, cut off a slice and drop that in the Vitamix. When the coffee is done, I pour it in start on low, wind it up to 10 and put it on high. While it blends I start cleaning up. I probably let it blend for 30 to 60 seconds and have a nice frothy BP Coffee.


    Question for those who have a Blendtec. I have a Blendtec at work and am just wondering what program people use on the Blendtec to make their BP Coffee.

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