What Do You Know About Organic Palm Oil Shortening?

I've noticed this stuff at the natural foods store a few times and have wondered if it compares to coconut oil. It is much less expensive so i thought I would get some for cooking. I'm mostly concerned about MCT content if anyone knows.


  • Palm oil has quite a bit less MCT the coconut oil.
  • I use it because my husband is allergic to coconuts. I use Spectrum Organic Shortening. See their website for more info about their eco-friendly, sustainable practices. It doesn't impart any taste in foods and can be used up to 450 degrees. From my personal research, the MCT % is a close 2nd to coconut oil but I can't find an actual % anywhere!
  • Thank you! I did end up getting some any way. I wanted something to use in an MCT oil mayonnaise recipe to thicken it up but I think it ended up ruining it. However, for cooking I think it is perfect.
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    How is shortening to use as an everyday fat? Or is it best to just use for cooking if one can't tolerate coconut/ghee/dairy?


  • i get red palm oil (nutiva brand) and use that to cook with sometimes.  i have used the spectrum naturals palm oil shortening...i think it is highly refined, maybe bleached?  certainly better than crisco, but not bulletproof in my opinion.  spectrum manufactures a wide array of low quality oils, including canola...i don't think they're trustworthy.

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