Raw Egg Yolks?

Hey all

Sorry for all the questions but I'm working my way through the podcasts and keep thinking of new things to ask!

Dave says he eats 2-3 raw egg yolks a day. Does anyone else do this? Never eaten raw egg before because I've been worried about salmonella and raw egg yolk is only 51% bioavailable as opposed to 91% for cooked eggs.

So what is point in eating raw egg yolks? Is it to avoid oxidisation? And why not eat the whole egg?

Does anyone actually like the taste of raw eggs? (do you actually chew them or just knock em back?)

Cheers all


  • you can mix raw egg yolks with protein powder/smoothies. I think Dave considers the risk of Salmonelle greatly exagerated, especially when the chicked lead a normal life (pastured). I've made a lot of bulletproof ice crema with raw egg yolks over the past 6 months and so far no problems... A reason they eat it raw is yes oxidation but also a compound that I forgot the name that is destroyed when the yolk is cooked. I think this compound/chemical or good for mental health (it was mentioned by someone from the bulletproof team on the forums or in a blog comment.. I can't find it currently)
  • I do BPC with egg yolks. 3 egg yolks and coconut oil makes a hell of a combo.
    Life is one giant experiment.
  • I have my raw egg yolks in the form of 'get some' ice cream. Not sure I could stomach them otherwise...
  • 'Paul wrote:
    Never eaten raw egg before because I've been worried about salmonella

    Depending on where you live, it might be easy to get in-shell pasteurized eggs: www.safeeggs.com/store-locator

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a place to get them in NYC yet.
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