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I am planning on ordering some bulletproof coffee along with the MCT oil.  I am not a regular coffee drinker so I don't have a clue on what I need to get in order to grind the coffee and what type of brewer I should get.  I also don't know how much coffee I would use when I make the coffee to drink.   I already own a Vitamix so I guess that I will be using this to blend everything together.  Any suggestions would be apprecitated.




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    I'd start with a French press and some locally bought single origin pre-ground coffee. Learn how to make coffee in general first using that before you dive into the Upgraded beans. Don't want to waste them on practising! ;-)

    One you are happy with that, get a grinder (doesn't really matter which brand) and you'll be good to go!
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    Welcome to the BP Forums. I'm going to go easy on you because you're a newbie, but expect some flak from Katalotus for not searching the forums first for the answer to your questions.  :-P 


    If you scroll down on the same page this thread was started on, you'll see a post that says "Can I Get A Vitamix Recipe, Step By Step For Making Bp Coffee, Please?" There is a wealth of info on these forums on this topic because believe me, you're certainly not the first to ask this questions.


    I'm going to make this very simple. You need a coffee grinder of your choice, available for ~$20 on amazon, get yourself one of these, be sure to add on one of these. The press comes with a scoop. I use two scoops of beans in my daily BPC. Some use more, some use less - it just matters what your taste is. Since you aren't a coffee drinker, start with two and work up if need be. The only thing you're doing by adding more beans is intensifying the coffee flavor and de-intensifying the amount of money in your wallet since you'll be forking out to Dave in refill orders for beans you're going through faster.



    1. Heat up 2 cups of water by method of your choosing. I use a pyrex glass measuring cup.

    2. Scoop out beans, put in grinder. Grind.

    3. Put ground beans in press. Add water. Stir.

    4. Press coffee into cup.

    5. Place butter (start with 2 tbsp Kerrygold unsalted) in Vitamix.

    6. Place 1 tbsp (to start) MCT oil in vitamix.

    7. Pour pressed coffee into Vitamix.

    8. Add remaining water into Vitamix.

    9. Blend for 20 seconds

    10. Pour into cup and drink.


    It's that simple. Enjoy.

  • Thanks so much for the helpful information.  Justso, thank you for all your suggestions and answering my questions.  I am going to order the items that you suggested and will follow the steps that you gave me to make it in my Vitamix.  ThatStevenBaker, I will also take your advice and experiment making coffee before using the upgraded bulletproof coffee. 


    Thanks again!

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    I was like you, knowing nothing about making coffee.  I actually started heating water in a pot at near boiling temps for 2 minutes then straining the brew with a fine mesh, but I couldn't get the grind course enough with what I had.  You still need a grinder, so the way I see it you there are two options for you:


    1. Blade grinder + Aeropress - this is what I do because I had a blade grinder already (which was just a Magic Bullet attachment).  You don't have much control over the grind but the Aeropress doesn't require you to (so I've read anyway).  I basically grind the beans into a fine dust then brew.   Pour water in, stir, wait 2 minutes or so, then push the thingy down.  Google for videos to get a better description.
    2. Conical grinder + French Press - you need a coarse grind to use a french press, which achieved with a conical grinder.  They are more expensive than blade grinders though (I think the cheap ones are around $50 vs $20 for blades) It's probably the easiest brewing method.  Pour water in, stir, wait 2 minutes or so, then push the thingy down.  Google for videos to get a better description.


    However you choose to brew just throw it in the blender with everything else when you're done.  I'll be honest, I hate the taste of coffee.  I thought if I can make the best tasting cup I can then I won't dislike it as much.  I've read the Aeropress makes a great tasting cup of coffee, so I got one.  It's really easy to clean up, and I can travel with it, but I don't like the taste still.  It's not that much different to me than the over brewing method I mentioned earlier.  I'll probably never like the taste.  If it didn't make me feel ready to kick ass I wouldn't bother with any of it.

  • quite a few video's on tube that'll give you an idea to get started. Also loads of posts on here about it. There's lots of ways to do it with differing effects and tastes. Starts simple and see if you like it's effect (and taste) ;-)


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