Any "make Do" Beans I Can Buy In The Us Whilst On Tour?

Hello all,


I'm currently on tour in the US, i brought my own UK bulletproof alternative beans with me but they're running very low. I'm getting a few bags of actual bulletproof coffee in a few weeks but was just wondering what i could buy from a standard supermarket around the country to tide me over that won't make me feel like crap!


I'm heading to Canada for about a week tomorrow so maybe something there too? 




  • It's challenging. As far as I know, there isn't a "right coffee" to choose. I've had good luck at Whole Foods in bulk section. My approach is not very scientific, but being able to see and smell the coffee has helped. My criteria is: medium roast (as dark roast can mask bad flavors), avoid very "oily" beans (I've had bad experiences so I avoid them), smell them - make sure they smell very fresh, look at them closely - make sure the beans look nice and uniform. 


    I believe Dave suggests high altitude, single estate, batch coffee from South America (something like that). 


    It shouldn't be too hard in major cities, so stop as soon as you can, there's large stretches of nowhere and Canada is even more vast.


    Of note: gourmet coffee and tasty hand-made-coffee-nerd coffee can still make you feel like crap. Also, even awesome/knowledgeable baristas will generally steer you towards their favorite flavors, textures, aromas etc ... they aren't going to know about toxin free coffee.


    Good Luck.


  • i've had good results with Desert Sun and Stumptown Roasters.  

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