Grass-Fed Beef/lamb In England

Hi everyone,

I live in Oxford, UK (but am from the states), and I was wondering where others nearby purchase their beef. I thought most beef here would be grass-fed (because it's England and grass is everywhere!) but I saw on Tesco that "Housed cattle are fed a balanced diet containing both cereals and silage. " (they are pastured before housing for slaughter however) Obviously I'd like to purchase the best beef possible, so that rules out Tesco I think. Can anyone in the area recommend another source, even online? There's a farm just near here that sells completely grass-reared beef, but the price is upwards of 15 pounds per kg, which is just too much for a student. I am also looking for a more cost-effective source than the supermarket/fancy butcher/farmer's market in general, and am happy to freeze a bulk purchase (I heard Dave say on a podcast that he buys a quarter or half a cow for about 4 dollars a pound?). And if no one here is from the UK, maybe someone stateside knows a bit about this and could help point in the right direction?


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