Coffee And Coconut Oil Lauric Acid

Hey people. I have been doing the bulletproof coffee for around two weeks now.. I have to say its amazing. I feel amazingly satisfied and satiated during the day and my hunger pangs / cravings are all but disappearing. I have also gone gluten free during this period.. I should say prior to going gluten free I used to have a problem with dandruff. Like my scalp would flake a lot. But since I've ditched ALL WHEAT, and now i read the labels on everything, my scalp is like a brand new babies! Its amazing. I brush as much as I can but there are zero flakes!


But the point of this message is this. I experienced some very mild digestive upsets getting used to the MCT oil but these are beginning to disappear.


Can somebody please explain to me the benefits of the MCT OIL? I know it sounds great.


And also today I began to add a tablespoon of non fermented organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil to the coffee.


I have read dave does not recommend adding coconut oil as he is aware of the dangers of fermentation or something?


but what I am referring to here is the benefits of the Lauric Acid. Wouldn't it make sense to add a pure form of coconut oil to the coffee for the benefits of the Lauric Acid?


i've started to do this now as i feel this makes complete sense. Can somebody reply with an intelligent response as to why Dave ommited Lauric Acid from the Coffee, and also as to the specific significance of the MCT oil?


thanks love you


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