How Much Bulletproof Coffee Is Too Much? (And Butter...)



I'm a huge fan of bulletproof coffee, everything is great about it. I can last until 2pm on it while rocking the BP IF and getting plenty of healthy fats and other goodies we all know about.


But is there a limit where it becomes too much?


I can drink 1-1.5 L of it easily a day, I usually make 3 big thermo cups in the morning and take it with me to work, where I drink it until 2pm, and not slowly sip but I can even finish a cup in 10 minutes sometimes, so I make it last not by drinking slowly but by drinking more :)


Is it too much?


And is it ok to have so much butter? I know it's healthy and we're not counting these calories but still...



  • Bump.


    I'm also curious about the calorie thing... We don't count these calories from our BPC toward our daily calorie totals? Would love some insight into this (and/or a link explaining this).

  • I got fatter eating all bulletproof and too much bulletproof coffee. Felt great, but did put on weight & fat on my stomach. Around 3,500 kcals a day from 2,500 and the only real difference was 1 or 2 Bulletproof Coffee's extra from my normal one a day. Wasn't exercising quite as much either, but was still training everyday.


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  • I don't think it's healthy to have it every single day, maybe 4-5 days a week is fine, and up to 1.5 litres


    but thats just my opinion :)

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    I got fatter eating all bulletproof and too much bulletproof coffee. Felt great, but did put on weight & fat on my stomach. Around 3,500 kcals a day from 2,500 and the only real difference was 1 or 2 Bulletproof Coffee's extra from my normal one a day. Wasn't exercising quite as much either, but was still training everyday.



    Ian, I remember you stating that a few times in other posts. I guess no matter how "good" someone eats, we all still have different metabolisms. Some people on here barely work out at all and eat 3-4K calories and don't gain a pound. Other people, such as yourself, who are in damn good shape, put on weight when eating more food, even it it's BP. I think that's important for everyone, especially BP newbies to keep in mind. I still believe that, although calories count, that they just don't count nearly as much when you're eating BP. I bet if you ate that same amont of food that made you gain weight, but it was food from the SAD, you would have gained much, much more weight.

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  • I have BPC almost every day, but no more than one mug which ranges from 8 to 16 oz (what is that, 250-500mL?).depending on how I feel or the mugs that are clean and available to me that morning. That happens anywhere from 7-10 AM and I don't usually get hungry until around 2-3 in the afternoon (wonderful!). However, I am perfectly comfortable fasting until dinner (or the next day) if need be or I get busy with schoolwork. I don't sweat it.


    In the morning, I brew the coffee (1-2T beans, grinded, in a tea press, for now...) after 12-14 hours fasted. Started off with 1T butter and MCT oil, graduated to 2T a few weeks later, then kept MCT at 2T (for the sake of cost) and recently started putting 4T butter plus a square of 90% Lindt DC, for taste.


    I only increased the amount of butter more for the butyric acid to heal my gut (more on that in another thread). More is better, but I wouldn't push it much past 4T honestly. Oh, and salted Kerrygold is gross in coffee. Found that out after finally finding unsalted in a local store... Whoops.


    It's certainly a lot. Approximately 700 calories and 80g of fat. I don't worry about the calories, though. Like Dave has pointed out, relatively higher calorie diets are better for your brain and performance anyway. I'm not even close to 4500 calories/day like he was and I'm feeling great, most days. I'm tracking my calories and macros on MyFitnessPal, mostly to have the data for later analysis.


    The way I really know if it's too much is if I feel anxious. My heart races or, worse, palpitates. Then I know either I drank too much, too quickly, or both. I wonder if that is directly due to the amount of coffee, the timing, the quality of sleep I got the night before, or something else. It'd be nice to quantify that...


    Other than that, listening to your body - be it anxiety response, stomach ache, whatever - is really, truly important. 

  • Similar question I had earlier as well as I love BP coffee so much so that I take it first thing in the morning, about 2 cups worth w/ butter averaging at least 3 tbs, 1-2 tbs upgraded-mct, brain mct, everyday. Been doing this about a year and instrumental in my getting into optimum health. I did hear Dave say at a webinar that he has it 6 times a wk and the butter varies from 2-6 tbs. I think that one has to be diligent as to monitoring oneself as some nutritionist have recommend cutting back on caffeine for folks having adrenal issues. I believe tho that BP coffee to start the day before any work-out, work or whatever but not after for superb health benefits.

  • I stopped the BP coffee altogether. I am going with whole food bullet proof approach. I truly believe that good fats are essential, and I consume 50% of my calories from them. However I just dont feel that chugging down a ton of fat with coffee is beneficial long term. Yes, you may see some cognitive benefit (short term) but imo the long term physical trade offs are not worth it. We are built to eat real food, and I feel far better sticking to that.
  • i dont mean to be annoying honest, just trying to add some discussion where relevant.

  • How much do you weigh? Do you feel you have to drink this much to stay energized/high performing during the day? Or do you just like the taste?  Do you think this much caffeine/fat would be needed as a result of a deficiency from another part of your diet?


    I weigh about 185lb (85kg). I'm not 100% on bulletproof diet, I'm more in the yellow area, a bit too much carbs (some rice, sweet potatoes, honey, fruits, nuts) - the carbs I eat are not the worst but I don't eat them once a week for a carb refill, I eat them pretty much daily. Hard to get rid of the cravings...

    Otherwise, I eat natural food, green veggies, meat (mostly grain-fed though), eggs. 

    So I have some work to do.


    As far as coffee goes, I do just like the taste, can't get enough of it, but also I drink so much to stay energized, sometimes because I don't last until 2pm on just two cups (until 12 is ok), sometimes because I under sleep and wake up at 4-5am to get more work done, and sometimes because I simply skip lunch and go on coffee until the evening.


    I think it's mainly deficiency of fat, not caffeine, my diet is not as fat-heavy as I'd like, I do throw some extra butter into my soups and veggies but generally I don't have solid sources of fat, I eat meat not even daily, eggs a bit more often, and it's hard to find other sources outside of butter. (I live in China, we don't have wild-caught salmon, grass-fed anything or pastured eggs here at all, doesn't exist...) so maybe that's why I'm doubling down on coffee and butter...

    I also supplement a bit, with most essential things recommended here but really a minimum, I'm afraid to go too hard on supplements as I've never got my levels tested.

  • What's this counting calories you speak of?
  • Try doing the salt water, 1/2-1 tsp with warm water first thing in the am. It helps adrenals not to give you that crash at 2. Also, up your butter inthe first two cups of coffee to see if it can tide you over. I think if your diet is mostly BP coffee it's not that healthy long term(there is the rapid fat loss protocol, but you need major supplementation on that to stay healthy). Try having the white part of a hard boiled egg or two at about 11-12 to give you protein to get to lunch break.

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  • Thanks, I'll try the salt water. For the egg white, wouldn't it take you out of ketosis too early though?

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    What would be an appropriate dose of coffee then? 2 cups?


    I don't track my ketones, actually I have no idea how it can be done :)

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    The recommendation with the salt water flush is to drink it immediately after awakening, before you even get out of bed. Lay there for 15 mins, to let it absorb, and THEN go get up, and drink BPC. The purpose of the salt water flush, is to give your body a portion of the salt that it needs immediately upon awakening, for survival purposes, so you're not stressing your body out (it wants salt right after waking up..)


    Unless one is eating something else in the morning, I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable with not eating anything till the afternoon (including waiting on BPC till the afternoon)..


    BPBryan - what's the reasoning / details about only drinking salt water in the morning, and then BPC in the afternoon, since IF says to drink coffee from 8am till 2pm, then eat from 2pm till 8pm. For clarification purposes, are you recommending that littlepea12 consumes salt water first thing in the morning, eats after, and drinks BPC in the afternoon, thus using the BPC as the 12pm/2pm'ish till bed 'fuel'? Or to only drink salt water in the morning, consume no food (or drink no BPC in the morning), wait till early afternoon to drink BPC, then start eating almost immediately after, from 2pm to 8pm? I'd just like a bit of clarification behind what you're recommending to littlepea12.


    Personally, BPC gives me 4-6 hours of 'GO' when I drink it, and also keeps me from needing to eat solid food, during that time. Which I attempt to utilize as much as possible, since making/eating food is a pain in the ass, imo :P


    To directly answer the question of littlepea12. How are you feeling when drinking that much BP. Do YOU feel that it is working well for your body, or do you feel that it is not. What effects do you feel when you drink 1.5 L of BPC. How do your adrenals and muscles feel. I personally found that using 1.5 L of coffee, even with the butter & MCT, and spread over the course of a morning and early afternoon, was causing a bit too much *up*, and so I am testing it with less coffee, a bit less butter, around the same amount of MCT. Basically tweaking numbers a bit, to find out what allows me to be energized, yet still stay on this earth plane, and get things done :)

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    The thing is I don't feel anything special on BPC (even 1.5L), I also put a lot of butter in it, otherwise the taste is not creamy enough for me. It just allows me to not be hungry and have a stable energy for the whole time.


    I don't feel any special effects, everything feels just normal. The problem is I'm really not sensitive to my body :( Generally if I feel good I just feel good, I can't compare it to feeling more or less good... I only feel the difference when I feel crappy (like when you undersleep and eat junk) or lazy/tired like after a carb-heavy meal. But once I feel good I can't feel any difference from tweaks like diet, coffee, supplements, MCT... it's just "good"...

    I'm having a hard time quantifying the effects of whatever I do, maybe that's why I got to drink 1.5L of BPC :)

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