9000 Rpm Enough To Mix Bpc?

Hi folks:


So I want to find a convenient way to mix my BPC, potentially with some cocoa butter. I currently use a non-electric hand mixer, but it seems to leave the oil slick on top, evidently I can't get it to mix thoroughly enough.


I saw this on Amazon: http://goo.gl/5RkUFp (it's a Promixx vortex mixer/protein shaker in one) it gets up to 9000 rpm, I read that average frother's go between 10 - 13k - and they still leave the oil on the top according to D.A.


To sum up, is anybody using something equivalent in speed with good results, or should I skip this thing?





  • The foam will be determined more by the vortex than RPMs. 

    Jason is right, go for a vitamix/blendtec etc 

    Any reputable blender is fine. I use a magimix, works wonders!

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • Awesome. Thanks for the advice fellas, and really appreciate you addressing the RPMs specifically Maverick.


    Thanks again.

  • RodRod The Rodfather

    You can judge by the foam =) 

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