Detoxing Taste Buds And Senses

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I've been a craft beer drinker for many years, preferring the beers with loads of citrusy hop flavor.  Last weekend, I judged the Imperial IPA category of the state beer contest.  My co judge was a craft brewer.  Almost none of the beers had the expected aromas or flavors I was looking for, but he said they all displayed the appropriate aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, etc. 


I've since noticed that my favorite beers all taste bland and lack aroma.  I thought the beers were all just old as hop flavors drop within a month of bottling.  I can smell and taste citrus in fruits and I can smell coffee.  As far as coffee, all I taste is bitterness.  So far, I've attributed this to a summer cold, but I wonder now if regular consumption of hoppy beers has fried my taste buds.  I've read forum posts from other craft beer drinkers reporting similar symptoms. 


I'm on a 16/8 fasting schedule.  I eat plenty of fat and try to regulate protein and avoid carbs as much as possible.  I'm planning on removing beer from my diet for a month, starting today.  I've cranked Vit C to 5 grams.  I take 2-4 activated charcoal daily when I drink. 


Any other suggestions? 





  • I guess I must be missing something here, but how can you drink beer and be bulletproof?  I am not concerned about the alcohol as much as the wheat and grains.

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    I went to see Heston Blumenthal live a couple of years ago in Sydney. By the end of the show, he told the audience that he had a surprise for us, and was going to take us on a journey with fragrances. He instructed us to look under our seats and take out the magic bottle of perfume that can change it's fragrance as time goes on.


    We had to close our eyes and listen to a soundtrack, only spraying the bottle towards our noses when he instructed us.

    Sure enough, over the few minutes, the smell changed - radically. From a seabreeze, to a candy store, etc etc


    He then told us "ok, now I'll tell you the science behind what just happened" as everyone was scratching their heads is disbelief. "There is none. Your brain made it all up for you. That was just a light solution of water, alcohol & a minute amount of vanilla fragrance. Whatever else you smelt then was in your head."


    You can then run this experiment with other people. A few weeks later, I took my partner to a bar that did a cocktail degustation menu. 6 different cocktails.

    I'd say "mmmm can you smell the vanilla in this one?" Sure enough, they start looking for the smell, and then the subconscious takes over. I then said "I wonder if the next one will have an asian feel? Maybe it'll have some ginger in it, let's see if I'm right." What do you know? She can smell ginger.


    Whether this other taster knows it or not, he's making it all up.

    No sorcery, just science. 

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