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I am new to the BP diet. I have been following it mentally for some time, but have yet to fully implement it. It's kind of difficult when you don't own your own kitchen, fridge, etc. I am 22 and still live with my parents. I just bought the 2lb bag of upgraded whey for myself and my boyfriend. I wanted it just because I thought it would be a good source of protein, plus I thought that maybe it would strengthen my muscles so they wouldn't pull my muscles out of alignment so often (I get neck pains whenever I sleep on my side).

BUT, I don't have a regular workout schedule and the proper use of Upgraded Whey is not very clear on the package or description. Under what circumstances is the best time to take this? After or before a workout? Can you take it without working out? Should I take it with food? Smoothie? What dosage is the best in your experience and why?


I took the recommended 2 tblsp of whey last Friday and pretty much freaked out. I took it with water and a little bit of chocolate powder. I felt like I was on crack or something (never done crack, but I imagine that's what it's like). I felt a warmness in my core almost immediately after consumption and then I felt mentally high. Everything was popping out and I had a hyperawareness, so things seemed to be going fast. I got really anxious and had to go outside for a walk. I felt like I could run a marathon, but when it came down to it, I was just really scared at how weird I felt and the feeling lasted for hours, then tapered down into the night. Has anyone else bought the whey, took 2 tblsp and felt as crazy as I did? I'm actually scared to take it again and was wondering if I just did something wrong? Should I have taken less and what is the ingredient that made me feel that way? The whey, MCT, or the bovine colostrum? I want answers cause that's a lot of money to throw down the drain.


Also, what would you recommend I do to be more bulletproof? I am a 22 year old female. ~120-125 lbs. A full-time college student and a current student of Bowenwork (Bowen Therapy). Live with my parents. Very little disposable income. I've been taking birth control pills since I was 15, I just stopped taking them two days ago and am going to start using only condoms. I have a 2 year history of anxiety (I am getting loads better). However I'm getting pretty anxious about how unhealthy I must be. I hold a consistence amount of stomach and thigh fat. I don't tend to gain or lose weight. I am simply trying to get healthier because I'm scared of all the complications that can and will happen later on if I don't make a change. I'm having a hard time putting all this information together to personally fit me. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like a great start to improving your health. I'd advise to read, read, read and goggle everything. Research leads to knowledge. Simply asking questions leads to answers and you'll not know if they're correct without researching them.


    I would advise using this forum as a research tool rather than an answering device. You'll get much more out of it in the long run and I believe you'll have more chance to sticking to a better lifestyle by getting involved more. Simple questions & answers won't get you immersed.


    As for the protein thing, your experience isn't usual in my limited experience. I've been taking whey for years and just use it for extra protein in my daily diet. Personally I take mine made with cocoanut milk before bed. If you're in need of protein earlier in the day I would take it a couple of hours before exercise, but you can take it afterwards if it's more convenient. 


    As for bulletproofing, I'd start by reading every article on the main site and then looking though this forum. They'll be more than enough stuff for you to try to start with. Don't try and total change everything, just take a few things at a time and see if you like them, then add more.


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    There's many ways you can take it but the best way IMO to get the max benefit is on an empty stomach, 2scoops with water only. This is for the creation of Glutathione. You never want to blend that whey in a blender, always by hand or a shaker. I suggest you figure out  your micro and macro nutrients you want to have and see where you can fit it in. I don't remember what's the best for post work out right now but it's great as a protein source if you are on the go or trying to boost GSH levels. 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • Sounds like a phsychosomatic response possibly related to your anxiety, it's just protein powder.

    I thought it was strange because of that too, it's just protein powder. But then I saw the thread here about MCT and anxiety. The Upgraded whey has MCT in it, so I'm assuming now that the MCT is what made me feel that way. My bf also took the same dosage as me and felt the same way, except he has never had anxiety problems like me. I had a physical reaction to it, then the anxiety followed

  • Not sure if this is appropriate, but I have a bag of Upgraded Whey 2.0 for sale. I've only used 1 scoop, and promptly got my test results back to confirm my suspicion that I am lactose intolerant. 


    I'm in London now...PM me if you want it.

  • Not sure if this is appropriate, but I have a bag of Upgraded Whey 2.0 for sale. I've only used 1 scoop, and promptly got my test results back to confirm my suspicion that I am lactose intolerant. 


    I'm in London now...PM me if you want it.


    I just bought some from Upgraded Self and kind of want to sell mine too... so I don't need it lol

  • Keirabug- do you feel the same way when you drink bpc? or only when you use the whey? 

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