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    I've heard good things about Fungus Key Pro has anyone ever tried it before?

  • Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, Lemon Grass, Jojoba Oil, Undecylenic Acid, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E Oil are very helpful in providing relief from nail fungal infection. Hope you could also get relief soon. These ingredients are natural and safe for use. Further you can take help from here
    You can also try oral homeopathic spray that have antifungal properties, ingredients are Mancinella 30C, Suplhur Thuja Occidentalis 200C, Arsenicum Album 200C, Antimonium Curdum 200C Nitricum Acidum 30C, and 12XS. It helps a lot in making nail healthy.

  • red and infrared light therapy! Used liberally in Europe - works.

  • I've had great results with Vicks and also ACV. The most important, and hardest, is being consistent with treatment, since you need to apply several times a day.

  • A friend of mine is working in the mines and he used to have nail fungus problem because he worn gumboots at work and his feet were always moist, he saw results after using this product

  • red light therapy, that is what they use in Europe and to great success.

  • I’ve had fungus for a few years, and was prescribed Lamisil and it made my kidneys ache and my back felt like it was out every time in took it. I quit taking it and doc prescribed the clear nail polish Omneprexil or something like that. It was not working and was starting to make my cuticles bleed.
    It was time to check out a naturopath. He said it’s fairly difficult to get toenail fungus, unless your immune system is compromised. They took a blood sample and said my bod was trying to fight huge colonies of fungus in my body (yuck!) white blood cell count was multiplying and was going to turn into an autoimmune disease if I didn’t take care of it.
    The end of my journey is... a success! My fungus is seriously GONE.
    I’m a professional baker, so this diet was insanely difficult. But worth it, he says it takes about 3 months to kill off the fungus, depending on your body. Mine was very bad.
    Here’s what he had me take, along with an EXTREMELY crazy strict diet:
    ADP Biotics Oregano capsules 2 pills 3x daily
    Standard process immuplex 2 capsules 1x daily
    Standard process zymex 2 capsule 3x daily
    Standard process lactic acid yeast 2 3x did aily
    Standard process drenamin 2 capsules 3x daily

    CANT EAT: *No gluten, sugar, yeast, fruit, carrots, processed food, fast food, no vinegars no dairy, no carbs, no pre made sauces, dressings, no condiments, no peanuts, no corn products (high mold content the fungus thrives on it)

    CAN EAT: turkey, chicken, bell peppers, broccoli, quinoa, olive oil, coconut oil, olives, onions, all herbs, raw garlic, spinach, eggs, beef, salmon.

    Good luck!!!

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