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I have been drinking bulletproof coffee since January on an almost daily basis. I had blood work done in November 2012 and then again last week. Wanted to share my results with you.


For reference I was on a typical runner diet before November 2012, I exercised a lot but refrained from fast food, sweets of any kind and got plenty of vegetables in. This diet included plenty of whole grains and dairy though. My blood results are below.


Cholesterol 133 MG/DL

HDL 37 MG/DL (Low)


Triglycerides 66


Sodium 138 MMOL/L

Potassium 4.3 MMOL/L

Chloride 103 MMOL/L

Carbon Dioxide 30 MMOL/L

Calcium 9.9 MG/DL

Glucose 93 MG/DL

Creatine .85 MH/DL


I have been on a Bulletproof diet since January that I follow moderately. Switched all to grass fed meats, use intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee and am taking Vitamin D, Magnesium and a few other. My current blood work is below.



Cholesterol 171 MG/DL


LDL 107 MG/DL 

Triglycerides 60


Sodium 140 MMOL/L

Potassium 4.0 MMOL/L

Chloride 103 MMOL/L

Carbon Dioxide 29 MMOL/L

Calcium 9.5 MG/DL

Glucose 87 MG/DL

Creatine .71 MH/DL


Anyhow, thought you all might be interested!




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    Nice, these tests are telling us much. I can say your total cholesterol is still low, 240 seems to be the optimal range (according to some sources) but I don't even worry about it Total Cholesterol if oxidized Cholesterol is low.  


    So yea, the only thing I can see your increase in HDL ( Good Job ) but you need to raise Total Cholesterol! 

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  • were these fasted blood tests?


    I had two test fairly recently and was supposed to have them done fasted, but I had a BPC in the morning before each. Not sure if it affected the results or not. First test I'd already had a BPC and had the test, as I couldn't make it at another time, so on the 2nd test I did the same and had a BPC upon waking before the test.


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  • Thanks for the responses! Yes both of these tests were fasting. I took both around 9am and the last meal I had eaten was around 7pm the night prior.


    It was wonderful seeing an improvement in my lipid panel. I can say that I feel far better than I ever have physically so I almost never question my diet but I would be lying if I said that I never had a little concern about drinking tablespoons of butter and MCT in my coffee almost daily. I think that concern has stemmed simply from all the miseducation about fat we have been fed in the last few decades.


    Any suggestions on increasing total cholesterol? I wouldn't mind seeing my HDL go a little higher as well. Currently I eat ~3 tablespoons of coconut oil, ~3 tablespoons MCT oil and ~6 tablespoons of Kerrygold everyday and sometimes put Olive Oil on a salad.


    Lastly it is also interesting that I entered my results into an online health survey for a program my company is sponsoring and at the end the survey the site asked me to double check that I had entered my triglycerides correctly because it thought they were too low!

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