Kale Every Day - Dangerous?

I've gotten into the habit of making a kale shake every day as an afternoon snack for the antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. I was looking up some nutrition info and became a bit concerned when I saw that it was very high in vitamin A and K1. Because these are fat soluable, would it be possible to accumulate too much of either of these from eating kale daily?


  • I'd be more worried about the phytates and oxalic acid which block the absorption of minerals.

    Kale contains vitamin A in the vegetable form, beta carotene. If your body does not need vitamin A, it will not convert it. Some people are not so great at this conversion so need to get their vitamin A from an animal source such as cod liver oil.

    I'm not up on K1, so I'll leave that for someone else to answer.
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    to the best of my knowledge (and also according to Wikipedia) there is no point at which vitamin K becomes toxic.

    based on some quick googling, it seems that kale is lower in oxalic acid than spinach or chard.

    and if you consume some of your kale cooked, that should lower it even further.

    edit: found this chart which is very specific about oxalic acid content of veggies. kale seems like a complete non-issue. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/Other/oxalic.html
  • Holy crap kale has basically no oxalic acid according to your linked chart. Parsley on the other hand, which I juice from time-to-time, is one of the worst offenders.

    I can only surmise then that Dave recommends cooked kale in order to breakdown goitrogenic glucosinolates that inhibit iodine absorption. However, if you're supplementing with iodine, then this should be a non-issue

    What am I missing that would preclude me from juicing raw kale?
  • To say I'm bummed is an understatement, I've been eating large amounts of leafy greens (mainly different colors of lettuces) as well is having a daily sweet potato, this is so confusing, so what are we supposed to do, drink natural calm while eating them? reduce them? eliminate them?

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    Petty sure it's not dangerous!


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  • On the podcast of Rogan Dave said that you should boil the kale 5 min to make the kale safe.  Then throw it in your shake.  I started doing this with spinach too before i throw it in my salads.  It's not bad and not so inconvenient if you do up a whole bunch and take a bit with each meal.

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    Think Dangerous should be changed to 'Not Optimal'


    Whatever next, Peanuts can kill!


    Wonder is anyones has ever died from too much Kale :wink:






    Just to add, I have kale and spinach 6-7 days a week. Always cooked (for the last few months) which tastes much better, but don't think I was ever in danger when I used to have it raw a while ago.


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  • One thing to add: in said podcast it was said that there is a new (GMO?) kale, it's lace kale.  It's name is telling, it's frilly and pretty compared to traditional kale.  That is not what you want, you want dinosaur kale.  Now that I am looking for it in particular, it's harder to find that I thought.  I may be switching to swiss chard as all I can easily find is lace.

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    Kale in general is hard to find at this time of the year!


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  • I definitely wouldn't use the word "dangerous", but like others have said, Dave mentions that you should at least boil or cook the Kale for a bit.


    Honestly, I don't stress about this too much. If I have time, I cook it. If not, I don't worry about it.



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  • The only reason he says to cook the kale is because we are talking about kale shakes, if they were spinach shakes or parsley shakes he would say to cook them as well, this is due to the volume of consumption, not many people sit down to eat 2 or 3 bunches of either of these, but done in a smoothie is easy, hence the cautionary note.  He may have done well to say " if you're going to juice large quantities of oxalic acid containing foods, you should cook them first and take calcium/magnesium"


    Great thread. Would you take calcium/mag couple minutes before or during?

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