Training Regimen For Kayak Ultra Marathon.

I am toying with the idea of doing a 3 day ultra-marathon in my kayak next summer and would be very curious to learn how to train in a bulletproof fashion.  I have lost 30 pounds since starting BP coffee and intermittant fasting.  I plan on doing a lot of swimming and weight lifting over the winter, with an occasional paddle when I can safely find open water.  I did a marathon (running) in 2002, so I am familiar with some of the rigors of training, but really want to do this in a BP way.


Anyone with experience training for endurance events?  I am 46, moderate fitness level, and my primary goal is to finish -- not necessarily to win. Thanks for your input!


  • I don't think IFing is good for this type of endurance training.... you need some carbs to keep your mind straight and your body going... but eating BP with safe carbs will work wonders... sweet potato, acorn/butternut squashes, white rice...etc....

  • I am just starting to put together a training regiment. Unlike running marathons, there seems to be few "authoritative training plans."  One of the difficulties I will have is that I will not be able to paddle much from mid November until late April due to ice on the area lakes.  Thus, I need help in figuring out weight training and cross training opportunities that will transfer well to paddling in the last month or two before the race. 


    I am also going to try to keep a journal for the purpose of biohacking this process.  Obviously, I need to learn from my body as I go, but the more others can fill me in from their experiences, the quicker I can learn, I hope.

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