Upgraded Whey Alternative

Wanted to get some opinions on this

I have been trying to source a good alternative to Upgraded Whey. I know it's probably really good but I just can't swing it right now for that price.

I found this New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate from http://proteinfactory.com/shop/whey-protein-concentrate-new-zealand/ and it looks really good. The Whey comes from grass-fed cows, hormone-free, etc. for 1$ more per pound you can get natural flavors(natural chocolate is just flavored by Cocoa) and you can choose your sweetner and Stevia is an option. All for about $8.50 per pund plus shipping which seems reasonable.

Also this company sells MCT powder for $15 a pound which I can add to the protein to make it as close ot Upgraded Whey as possible.

The only knock on this stuff I can see so far is that it is made from mozzerella cheese, not directly from milk, which is definately a negative, but I think all things considered this is probably one of the best, affordable, proteins on the market.

Let me know what you think?




  • I think Protein Factory is reputable, but I've never ordered anything from them.

    Recall that Upgraded Whey also has bovine serum albumin in it. I think that's this on the website you linked: http://proteinfactory.com/shop/building-muscle-mass-protein/. It looks like it can be added to some of their formulas.

    I think it really boils down to how often you're consuming it. I don't have a protein shake that often, so the increased price doesn't make much of a difference to just go with Upgraded Whey. And, that way I know I'm getting what I want/what's recommended.

    Good luck
  • Isnt the soy lecithin in the protein factory protein not optimal? I had been crossing off options based on it.
  • actually if you look at Upgraded Whey it has Soy Lechtin, apparently it's hard to process the whey without it.

    Dave's quote You might be surprised to see soy lecithin on the label of Upgraded Whey. We couldn’t make the powder work without a very small amount of soy lecithin to emulsify the ingredients. The soy lecithin we use does not contain any of the trypsin inhibitors, phytoestrogens, or antinutrients found in other soy products. We are working with our suppliers to use sunflower lecithin in their formulation process.

    I'm hoping they treat this soy the same as the one from upgraded self. I would imagine it's minimal amounts and being from NZ it has a chance of being non-GMO unlike 90% of the soybeans in USA.
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