Cooperation Against Our S.a.d. Society And Hmos?

The way I see it, real healthcare starts with self-care, and that's free. You can either go paleo or go vegan or go to hospital, you pick.


Do you think the paleo and vegan communities can unify against the SAD world view and the HMOs?

Perhaps not the staunch ethical vegans, but surely grass-fed meat is way more ethical than the SAD industrial alternative.


What do you guys think?


  • i dont think so, the only thing they have in common is eating more vegies. i think there would be more progress identifying it as "people concerned about their health VS people who remain ignorant of health costs of bad eating" rather than "Paleo+Vegan VS SAD".


    they may seem similar but most people just dont identify with paleo/vegan/sad so your missing the majority with that characterization. unless you try to give everyone whos not vegan or paleo the "SAD" tag, and then you would probably just get resistance as i doubt very many people try to follow the health pyramid strictly; where as if you say "just be healthy/healthier" noone could even argue with that, because everyone knows health is a good thing and everyone knows their diet is not ideal.(whereas ideologies are a bit more ambiguous)


    tl: dr - project your goal rather than your method: then provide information needed for people to make up their own mind.

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