What's Going On Here? Bp No Weight Loss.



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    I think it's possible that the leptin resistence article pointed out one of my issues, I snack quite a bit- it's always bulletproof food, like an avocado or an egg but still probably 3-4 times during the day I'll snack between meal times. I didn't know that was going to be an issue, so I'm going to try to cut that out first and see what happens.

    I'm also doing the leptin reset, eating two meals a day, immediately in the morning and last meal at 5pm, no snacking.

    Thanks for the responses everyone!

    Did some research on body fat content, I am currently:

    5'9" rounding down

    238 pounds

    28.5% body fat (68 pounds total approx) based on several sources including naval fat calculator.

    Now I have a starting point for body fat percentage, I think I'd like to get down to about 14%.

    Oh and yes, I am using butter and MCT oil in my coffee- probably as much if not more than Dave. I have a butter fetish, the other day I was eating a stick of butter walking down the street, people gave me some strange looks.
  • You're doing pushups and situps way too often. Do them twice a week and absolutely kill them when you do them. If you're doing them intense enough, you only need a couple times a week. Art DeVany and Mark Sisson do the same thing and look at their physiques.
  • Another thought ... are you tracking exactly how many carbs you are eating every day? Shoot for 50 grams or less. Also, make sure you have absolutely no sugar or wheat in your diet. It's a challenge, as wheat is in almost everything. If you are insulin resistant, especially, your body can only use a very tiny amount of glucose.
  • Sorry this was broken into 3 posts - one other key component is missing from your routines (from what you have posted). Doing once per week, all out sprints. You don't have to do many (this is another Mark Sisson idea). Just a 20 minute routine where you walk for a minute or two, then sprint like a lion is chasing you (fast enough that if you can do it for more than 1 minute, it's not fast enough). Then, go back to walking for a minute or two (let your heart rate come back down). Then sprint like hell again. Do this 8 times in a 20-25 minute window - that's it. Once per week. This can be done on a bike or on a football field or on a treadmill or a StairMaster. They key is to do that blast of speed. If you don't ever sprint, you don't activate your fast twitch muscle fibers. This is why sprinters are so muscular. You can actually run 5 miles per day, every day and if you don't do any sprints - your fast twitch fibers will never be activated and actually atrophy!
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    Media, thanks for your responses! I'll be sure to cut down push ups and sit ups to twice a week- that makes sense, the muscles have to recover for more than a day or two, I figured since I'm not doing a lot of them the muscles would recover sooner - should have realized that was wrong earlier.

    On the carb front- I have NO issues there, I don't like carbs, hate wheat, my meals look something like this:

    Morning: 3-4 eggs, an avocado, bp coffee, supplements, sometimes some steak (usually, come to think of it.)

    around 2pm I have a chia seed mush to tide me over until dinner (skipping lunch as I'm doing a leptin reset)

    At around 6:30-7 I have dinner which is usually about 3/4 pound of sirloin, a salad with vinaigrette and some dark chocolate, sometimes I'll also have some salmon or some more eggs. I do switch proteins around, fish instead of steak or something, but my carb intake is likely under 30 net carbs/day, sugars under 15g/day (coming from the chocolate)

    On the sprinting, I've always loved sprinting so I'll have no issues doing that, just need to find a big grass field to sprint on! I usually sprint barefoot- it feels so right to sprint barefoot on grass, lot of fun.
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