The Ultimate Sunday.

Just thought I'd share my Sunday with the BP community. Sunday and Monday seem to hold the most water as far as "rituals" go with me I think. I'd also like to hear about any other Sunday rituals you try to stick to that you enjoy and is beneficial to your well being. I used to burn through Sundays with almost nothing but artwork (I'm an artist) but over time it really exhausted me. I found that at least mentally for me, Sunday is a great day to balance out everything and let yourself go a bit. 


What I try to make sure I do EVERY Sunday:


1. Set the alarm clock for 30 minutes extra.


2. Protein fast


3. No stimulants 


4. Extended (longer than I do every other day) meditations 


5. Carb refeed 


6. Long stretching session


7. "Self-date." Two hour date with myself. Doing something fun and random with only myself. There needs to be no meaning involved with what I do. The only guidelines are that it's fun and it's by myself. (Go to the beach, random arts and crafts project, go food shopping at a random market I've never been to, go to the movies, bike ride to a random part of the city, etc) 


8. At least a little football. (That definitely goes for Saturday as well.) :) 


9. Some painting

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